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wirelist feedback

**wirelist** is a new type of web service to check into your favourite shows, the data is yours and we wont sell your data to anyone and so I would like to invite the forrst community to join in and provide feedback on this new service. I have included some screen shots below to give you an idea of the design and user flow however we do invite you to log into wirelist [http://www.wirelist.co.uk/](http://www.wirelist.co.uk/) and we really would love your feedback. Feel free to feedback on the project in general. One of the main aims is HTML first and mobile first and to rely on very little so that it can be used by anyone with a web connection. The design is responsive and clean iOS7 inspired. I am still unsure on the icons for picture (tv) and sound (radio) as they feel heavy but I am not a major fan of iOS7 outline icons per say. You can read more about wirelist in our newsletter [here](http://us3.campaign-archive2.com/home/?u=c667dca65a9b1f8891c31621a&id=d48d5d2092) . Checking into locations, drinks or tv shows is something I very much like to engage with, foursquare and untappd have me more than covered for location and drinks but on the TV, Film and Radio front, things have been lacking, services such as getglue, miso and zeebox (all our competition) offer a similar service but all have failings and faults that make the on going use of them frustrating and limited. The biggest issue however is monetisation, each of these companies is either selling adverts and/or your data to TV companies etc. So I wanted to make a service that was less "evil" and more for you, well me, I'm scratching my itch, the focus is on recording the shows you listen and watch quickly. **wirelist** will save your shows fast and we will only collect data to provide you with recommendations based on other **wirelist** users checkin's, you can export you data in an single click. The service will be free but a paid Pro subscription £1pcm will allow users to both contribute to the project, get new features first and more. We will also be releasing a paid App for iOS and (hopefully) Android that will take advantage of being on said device and provide specific extra functionality for the devices. Adam and Russell

New Art of Making Books update

Have been plodding on with New Art Conference page. You can find related posts via the tag naomb. **The main thing left for me at this point is to focus on production ready stuff.** I want to convert all pixels to percentage and ems where possible, as I think I could have some more flexibility between break points and I am thinking of using Hammer for Mac to try and optimise the files themselves, I've only been using ImageOptim really up to this point. I will then and some point migrate site to expression engine core, I know this system well and core is now free for this type of activity and will help the growth of book-lab.org itself. Feel free to comment on - Design - Hacked up CSS - Semantic hell Thanks Attached latest e-flyer too (I did not do any of that but just for info)


Scalable images

I have a logo that I want in a < h1 > and text indent logo name off screen using the background-image property in css this is fine but I cannot make the logo image flex in size without providing an image for every css media query so not really flexible but more changing at break points, and would misse those new device widths etc. that I do not yet know However If I add logo to html as an < img > (also defining it as content rather than style...) within my to < h1 > I can make img max-width:100%; and flex in a container...however I cannot indent the text (logo name) off as it moves image too?


JQuery Mobile Flash of unstyled content

Am using JQuery mobile and my own custom style sheet and just before the JQM stylesheet and my stylesheet kick in I see the page unstyled, I have a number of checkboxes and radio buttons across various JQM 'pages' on one html file, tried numerous of ways to try and wait until CSS has loaded before showing page but cant seem to get any to work with JQM. Maybe I need a separate style sheet for to hide.html ? Dont quite know why this .ui-mobile-rendering > * { visibility: hidden; } is not doing its job ? I dont see the spinning loader between transitions either. Click to move from index.html > section1.html Page transitions fine Then see (very briefly) unstyled content Page renders ok Problem seen whilst testing as webapp but so frustrating as when I roll this into a phonegap app its becomes worse. Any help really appreciated Testing as webapp but So frustrating as when I roll this into a phonegap app its just to off putting to make it professional enough. Any help really appreciated


Facebook Connect via ChildBrower Plugin using PhoneGap Build

I found this rather simple tutorial for connecting facebook and phonegap , using the Childbrowser plugin and I thought I would try and use PGB with it. drewdahlman.com/meusLabs/ The Log in button appears but does not do anything when I click it. I tried setting PhoneGap Build to use Phonegap 1.2.0 and childbrower 1.0.2 as well as the latest 1.7 and 2.0.1 I am assuming the init.js file is not quite working anymore or working with the way PGB uses childbrower. Hopefully someone might be able to offer a fix which might offer a nice and quick way to get facebook connect working with PGB.

Redesign AFCDons.net - fast and mobile

I am redesigning the front end of my afcdons.net website. With the basic principles to improve use for smallscreens and improve speed mobile first responsive fast what fans want to know about AFC in one hit (less page loads and easy to compare games, news, league etc without too much hassle) I am quite pleased with my first hack at it, however the icons on the top which slide in the league table and more links (using the nice font awesome icon set) look more like decoration than buttons. I was thinking on first launch, perhaps a some tutorial bubbles might aid the viewer. Thoughts and feedback welcome. I plan to create numerous designs for many orientations and sizes, considering content priorities dependant on the screen size. No removing any content just designing the system/layout. I am starting with the smallest size first (320px) to help distil the content not hide content from those users. Consideration for loading however based on bandwidth is something I also need to consider, any suggested techniques? Rather then rely on assuming small size equals mobile.


TestFlight for Android?

I have been using testflight app with iOS deployment and find the feedback and history options really good. You keep feedback out of email and history tells you if people have installed the version you deployed. For Android I am just having to send people the .apk file and do not get any such feedback and so was wondering if anyone had seen an Android equivalent. I have found http://hockeykit.net but obviously needs you to set it all up yourself.

My html base. What do you think ?

I am starting another redesign project that plans to be all html5, css3, mobile first and shiny (I hope). In fact I want to start all my projects like this so this how I create my baseline starting point. Any comments, recommendations welcome. I start with html5reset I update files and links to the latest JQuery, Modernizer. I then add lettering.js, selectivzr & dom assistant, see snap for folder structure. & add the following code to html5 reset at the top <!--[if lte IE 6]> <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://universal-ie6-css.googlecode.com/files/ie6.1.1.css" media="screen, projection"> <![endif]--> <!--[if lt IE 9]> <link rel="stylesheet" href="_/css/ie8_below.css" /> <script src="_/js/DOMAssistantCompressed-2.8.js"></script> <script src="_/js/selectivizr.js"></script> <![endif]--> Raw Code » at the bottom if (/Firefox[\/\s](\d+\.\d+)/.test(navigator.userAgent)){ var ffversion=new Number(RegExp.$1); if (ffversion<=3.5){ var headID = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0]; var cssNode = document.createElement('link'); cssNode.type = 'text/css'; cssNode.rel = 'stylesheet'; cssNode.href = '_/css/oldfirefox.css'; cssNode.media = 'screen'; headID.appendChild(cssNode); } } Raw Code » Fonts I can serve via fontface go into my fonts folder although for production I will likely use fontdeck or typekit once I have selected my fonts. I then plan to use Tim Browns modular scale for type and layout dimension and work type first & mobile first. I hope to use lettering.js and kern.js. I will also be using ARIA roles wherever possible.