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Aaron Kato

Default avatars are boring

I realised default avatars are always the same and we kind of overused peoples silhouettes and stuff. I wanted to create an avatar that has got no sex, no age, no style but delivers gentle creativity prompting the user to upload a photo. Hope you guys like the idea and I can inspire you with this little piece.

Bankcard sized leaflet for BraveNewTalent

This is for a very important conference where there company leaders can spread these leaflets and make a call to action offline. Hope you like how they look I've only had a few hours to complete this project so it's not necessarily the most beautiful stuff you've seen in your lives but it looks really nice and remarkable when it's printed out :)

Sign Up Form

Working on a very exciting project. The sign up and the whole onboarding process on this portal can be done without sign up and you can save your activity on the go. These coders who I work on it with are all awesome. The whole project is wicked :)

Social Media Icons

I've created some social media icons for some email campaign. Hope you like the style. I'm thinking about designing a whole set and giving it out as a freebie :)

Flip clock concept

Designing a flip clock countdown for a limited offer. Hope you guys like it :) Any comments welcome!

Typographic experiment for a coder friend

Here's a little typo experiment. I'm trying to design a nice typographic header for my coder friend's portfolio design. Wondering how could it be better :) Whether you like it or not, feedback is always welcomed with open arms!

The Match Affair

Still just practising and experimenting but this time I've drawn this little scared to death match from my own sketch and imagination. Hope you adore it as you did with Moesmow last time :) This one here is called "The Match Affair" :)

Moesmow - inspired by @fluffylefluff 's cute drawing

Following a highly inspiring drawing of @fluffylefluff I created Moesmow. Just for fun :) This super-cute character touched me in the heart so I decided to create my version of it. Mainly I dedicate it to Ana-Gabriela who can draw with love, check out all of her gorgeous pieces. Hope all of you guys will have a good time looking at Moesmow too - obviously, in the eye :)