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Freebies (roundup)

Hi ya'll ! Rounded up some unused stuff and thought of sharing it. Use them however you want. A share would be kind :)

Mockup Bundle - WIP

Hi, Am working on some mockups I had been wanting to make for a long time. Though I don't work on Photoshop much this is what I ended up with. I think they still need some tweaks ! SO, what do you think ? How is their overall look ?

Opportunity Strategies

Logo designed for "Opportunity Strategies" The design contains O + S + ∞ > Infinity symbol reflects the company's infinte strategies. > O and S are used as the First letter of the "Opportunity Strategies" . Sharing my progress, hope you like it ! Xalion.org

Login Screen

Hi there folks ! Been some time since my last post. Have been a bit busy. So we are redesigning our website as the old one lacks a lot of stuff. This is a rough login page idea. What do you guys think ? Xalion !

Rainbow Clock

An icon design did just for fun. Let me know your thoughts on it. Hope you guys like it ! Xalion

Logo design for Neuro Research Labs

Logo designed for "Neuro". Tried to keep it simple and neat. Hope you like it ! Xalion.org


Logo proposal for a client though got rejected. Been some time since I shared something so here it is :) Hope you like it ! Xalion™

T-design_Logo Design

A design I had in mind for long. Recently executed and comes out to be quiet appealing. Hope you like it ! Xalion.