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Dustin Delatore

Nintendo Mustaches

About a month ago I started an online retail business to offer up another place for designers to sell their designs on apparel and canvas. The name at the time was a bit unorthodox, [Bearded Tees](http://beardedtees.com), but I ran with it. I decided to embrace the name and run with it. ### Put a beard on it I began designing different famous video game and cartoon characters with beards on them. Here are a few of my concepts that I came up with.

LilyPad Sales Tool

I'm in the middle of designing a productivity app for outside sales teams. This is a glimpse at the home screen once you sign into the app. In general the app allows sales reps to track their activity on a daily basis.

In app pricing page redesign

LilyPad redesign This is the new pricing page for an app that I have been working on. I decided to move away from skeumorphism and more towards minimalism.

Remote for a presentation web app

This is an iPhone remote which will be used to switch between presentation slides, along with agenda items. The top displays what slide you are currently on. The left and right arrows switch between slides. The up and down switch between agenda items. Agenda items are specific items in between a presentation in which you will display a video, show a website, conduct a live poll, or ask a few questions. The LP in the middle is a minified logo of the company called, LilyPad.

Vintage Badge Logo

I am debating on making a vintage badge for my logo for my portfolio. I would continue to use the vintage look through out my portfolio if this logo appears to be successful. I am iffy on how it looks right now. I would love to hear feedback from other designers on what I should do to fix this logo or if I shouldn't pursue a vintage badge as a logo. Thanks

Advanced Forms iPhone App icon

I made this app icon for my company and their new Advanced Wireless Forms app. The app is for folks who have to deal with filling out forms outside the office and want to digitize all their paperwork. I'm a growing designer and would love most of all your constructive criticism.

Turntable Avatar design idea

I decided to make a turntable.fm avatar to see if I was capable of their caliber of design. Let me know what you think?