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Vinny Fonseca


Nominee of the day.

Hello again everyone! Now is the time I need your support. My site, which I built with the Forrstrs help, got nominated for site of the day, and I'm mobilizing everyone I can to help me out. For now, Nominee of the day (and the lovely ribbon). Help me out here, will you? http://www.awwwards.com/best-websites/vinny-fonseca A blurb from Awwwards. "If awarded a high enough score, the site will be placed in a queue to appear as “Site of the Day”. It will also be included in our book "The 365 Best Css Websites Around The World" in 2013" I don't know if I'm allowed to post something asking for vote help, but I'm so excited I'm willing to overlook :) Cheers everyone, V.

Visual Design

Portfolio is live.

Hello Forrstrs, Finally, I've finished the build of my portfolio, which I posted the mockups here before, looking for feedback. And I got some. Thanks to @ryantriddle, @sarah_edwards, @LauraMoraiti, and @liamegan for the feedback. URL is http://www.vinnyfonseca.com Thanks guys, hope you like it. Vinny.

Final Personal Portfolio Design

Hello everyone, After experimenting with various colour palettes, I've finally found a decent harmony between them. I took the numbers out from the x axis of the column chart representing my skills. They represented percentages, and now I only have "statuses" as values. A bit of cheesy fun there too. Illustrations were corrected to match the final colour scheme. More whitespace was added to the skillset, contact and about. The footer also received two new icons, github and stackoverflow. Some things will surely change when I go into development. Images cannot reproduce user experience, interactions or animations. I think I've found a good balance between how it looks and my ideas of how the interactions will be. Anyway, let me know your final thoughts and thanks for helping me get to this point. Vinny.

Personal Portfolio (Revised)

After the first round of feedback, the one I received the most is that it needed more colour, or a secondary colour. Based on that, I built a palette with a secondary colour. First version: teal, orange, light green and brown. Second version: teal, lilac, light green and light brown. I applied bigger typography and more white space to the sections. I also created 5 illustrations for the "My Standards" section. They all follow the style depicted on the archery target. I would love to know which version you prefer and if there's anything you think I should change. Thanks! V.

Portfolio almost final design

Hello everyone, I just finished the latest design for my portfolio, and I'm happy with it. There are some bits and bobs which I think it could say "professional" a bit more, but I'm not able to pinpoint what I'm missing, so I would love your feedback. I posted the logo only last week, here's the link: https://forrst.com/posts/Personal_Branding_Logo-Fhq Hope you like it, let me know. Vinny.

Personal Branding Logo

Hello everyone, I'm starting a new design on my "not online yet" portfolio, you know, the one you change 200+ times and never get to a final result. It must be the 5th redesign already. Anyway, I made this logo and wanted to get some feedback from the community. I already implemented it in some places, but would love to know if something should be changed. It represents my initials VF, which is a difficult combination to play around. Flat with subtle shadows.