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Stephen Heslop


Name Change For New Design Studio / Business

Hi Forrsters, As i ceased trading with Vivaz Media At the end of last year due to personal circumstances. am going to be kicking off again but under a new name and would like some help with coming up with a name for my new business. I would like it somehow incorporate some of these phrases : Creative, Studio, Lola, Georgia, Stephen, Kerry, 89, Heslop. Thanks In Advance.

Need Vector Logo

Can Someone help me as need to make some name badges for a charity challenge event and this is only copy they have of their logo and when making larger it goes pixelated :-)

How To Match Colours FRom Screen To Printer

Hi Forrsters, I printed my flyer just as a test on my printer this morning and the colours didn't match up to what they are on screen how can i match them up , From Stephen @ Vivaz Media


Having Trouble With Unslider ?

Hi Forrsters, I am Inputting This Plugin Into My Website which is WIP, i have all properties in there but it doesn't seem to working for some reason can someone please point me in the right direction from stephen @ Vivaz media


Navigation Problem?

Hi Forrsters, this morning i moved my navigation bar out of the header section in the body area so then i can place a jquery slider underneath it, it worked prior to this move everything show but there is no active links please can someone assist me with this from stephen @ Vivaz Media


Android Version :-)

Hi Forrsters, Just Wondering Does Anyone Know If There Is A Similar App To MyPriceApp For Android Thanks In Advance From Stephen @ VivazMedia


Help With CSS Columns

Morning Forrsters, I have made two columns with dummy text (for now), how do i get these to line up with my logo and nav so they are basically centralised, Thanks in advance from Stephen @ Vivaz Media


Google Maps / Contact

Hi Forrsters I am in the middle of creating my contact page and i have embedded the iframe with my custom pin from google maps, but i want to a two section divs so i can add more content and a contact form into them how can this be down as on the google maps is done via a iframe and not within divs i have attached to links my contact page and what i am inspired by Thanks in advance from Stephen @ Vivaz Media