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Tommy King

iDevice UI Kit

iDevice UI Kit

Easy SMS Parking App Preview [wip]

Easy SMS Parking App Preview WIP

Something is cooking in my design kitchen

iDevice UI Kit is a user interface kit meant to help app developers and designers with their next native iOS project when a complete kit comes in handy. Basically it has tons of elements ready designed. available to buy at: [http://j.mp/1h9Ym6F](http://j.mp/1h9Ym6F)

Cube Icon

Long time since I have not posted around so I took one of my older item and updated a bit. Hope you like it :)

Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum Member Badge

Some badge I'm making for a local company I'm working for, started out as a practice but my boss liked it a lot. So as always comments, suggestions and feedbacks are welcome :) Image updated, considering some of the comments, thank you for ur time!

Metallic Cube Social Icon Set [wip]

Currently working on a set of 30+ social icons set, based on the look and style of the above. Comments and feedbacks appreciated :)

3D Image Gallery Scroller

Wanted to create a 3D-like image gallery scroller, it is still a work in progress, full size and complete view is on the way. PS: edited on 5th of may 2011 - added some more shadows to the "inactive" thumbnails to be more realistic