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Forrst IRC Channel Moved

The Forrst IRC channel that has been around for 2+ years at #forrst-chat has moved to #webdevs on freenode.net. I just want this in the search results, so no one is confused if they are searching for one and find an old post mentioning an IRC channel. Thanks, The 30 of us that still use IRC, Ha.


Build Windows 2011

The live stream just started a few minutes ago. Should be an interesting keynote. I'm actually not watching it due to work stuff and meetings. The seminars should be streaming later also.

Komodo CSS Color History List

For Komodo Edit (or IDE) users. This macro pops up an auto-complete list of colours that you have used previously in the document. It will search and find the below formats: #F00 or #FF0000 rgb(255, 0, 0) rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.5) hsl(0, 100%, 50%); hsla(0, 100%, 50%, 0.5); Raw Code » Note: Once downloaded drag the file into Komodo. It will add it to your Toolbox from there you can click it to use it or right click and select properties and set a key binding. Download Here (I'll attach it once the zip is enabled which I'm told is shortly)


It appears to be 3am and I cleaned up a vector I was messing with last week. This has no real purpose, so I made it into icon files for your desktop or dock. :P Download: Win, Mac (up to 256x256)


The Art of Skyrim

I presume not everyone is into video games, but found this pretty interesting. It describes their process for designing the massive area (plus all the pictures in the background are amazing). It is interesting reading through the titles on the various books in the background. So much research on architecture and character design (looks to be a lot of viking related stuff, probably for textures etc). I always buy the collector editions to get the art books and this is definitely one I can't wait to see (kind of hoping for a DVD).

SVG UI Layout Engine Thinking

Since most of this UI system appears to be planning I figured I would get some more opinions. If anyone knows of any other interesting ways the viewers could be written I'm completely open to feedback. I'm kind of fond of XUL and noticed many copy it, so I have done the same for the most part.

SVG UI Progress

So far it is just a button and textblock, but lots more to code. View var ui = dd(dd.body).addControl("ui"); // Add UI var btn = dd(ui).addControl("button", { text:"Click", x:30, y:40, width:80 }); dd(btn).event({ click:function() { dd(this).disabled = true; dd(this).text = "Disabled"; } }); Raw Code » FF, Chrome, Opera, iOS4, webOS 2.0, and IE9 (minor bug in IE, was working will go figure it out).

Forrst Emoticons

So knocking around the idea of emoticons in that other post I thought it would be cool to spend a few minutes mocking up a few. :D (not all of them are original, some are simply restyled versions of others online. Also please ignore the anti-aliasing the real versions would be created in a vector application) Question: Do we go the :smile: or :) option for conventional smiles? Uploaded versions (will add shortly): = :) alternative :smile: = :P alternative :toung: = :( alternative :sad: = :'( alternative :cry: = (: alternative :upsidedown: = x-( alternative :dead: = x-) alternative :angel: = :-/ alternative :skeptical: = :-x alternative :silent: = o_0 or o_O alternative :what: = o_- or 0_- or O_- alternative :hmm: = :D alternative :grin: = :-[ alternative :red: = :-o or :-O alternative :oh: = :lol: = :sleep: = :pac: = :tini: = :beer: = :puzzled: