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Andrew Tebbott

Visual Design

The Web Needs Better Layout

I've spent the majority of this last year reading. Outside of work, I've mostly been away from the keyboard; it's been both refreshing and painful. I've read books, evaluated print, and took time aside to decide what I feel like is the best way to move forward as a web designer. Even after this short hiatus, it didn't take long for me to reform my opinion of the web: it's a powerful unique medium that can tend to feel under designed– specifically with layout. Here is one of my latest attempts to recreate a simple blog article. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, Jordan

Twitter Redesign 2013


Product page design

Here's a product page for the theme I am working on. It is orientwd towards digital downloads. Let me know your thoughts, feedback is much appreciated. John *images are taken from creattica.com for preview purposes.

How to Create a Accordion Menu in Pure CSS3 [Tutorial]

In this tutorial we will learn how to create an accordion menu in pure CSS3. This menu was inspired in Futurico UI Pro by Vladimir Kudinov. As we will create it with CSS this will only work on browsers and devices that support the :target pseudo-class selector. Tutorial: designmodo.com/…

Selecta Promotion

Selecta Promotion Rejected proposition for the company / agency that specializes in cultural events organisation. Still gathering feedback so go ahead and shoot me with your opinions. Maciej.

Alternative Mission Miami Logo

I was told that it needed some kind of spiritual aspect added to it like a cross (a cross was the suggestion, but I don't think they would mind something else). So I added a cross in place of just the plain old ribbon. It needs some tweaking, but I'm looking for ideas on which direction to take. I'm looking for feedback. Thank you.

Social Tags

Here are some social media icon tags that I made just for fun. I made them look like tags. Kind of something you could put on your keyring. What do you guys think? Do you like them?

Strongraven logo

This is something really fresh, I've finished this logo a week ago for our own company here in Czech Republic. Hope you like it :)