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Andrew Tebbott

Public Relations...

A site I've been working on over the last couple of days. They had their hearts set on some substandard imagery, so I've faded it out and hopefully made it a little more attractive. Thoughts welcomed, as always.

IT @ Sea

Following a couple of failed iterations, I'm really quite happy with the overall look and feel of this new design. There are however, as always, places to improve upon, and I was hoping the Forrst community might be able to point me in the right direction. Is the opacity on the slider tabs too much? Should the contact details be left aligned for usability?

The annual portfolio redesign

There are few little things that need tidying up, but this is essentially the finished design for tebbott.co.uk version 5. I've grown tired of the teal colour...I'm not sure I was ever really a fan of it, so I've reverted back to the blue I used on the original versions of my site. I'm going to make use of lots of CSS3 in order to animate various elements, create tooltips etc, and it'll be the first site that I've build fully responsive, and 100% HTML 5. Might try and power through it tonight.

The mans a beast!

Fingers crossed I've hit the nail on the head straight away with this design. The client isn't particularly focussed on the design, he just wants to get something online. I like the modular, boxy layout, and used the Manchester City website as a bit of inspiration.

Interior Design Web Design

You may have seen a previous post of mine that featured a circular slider. With that design I decided it didn't fit, however, as the work being displayed in this design doesn't need to be so rigid, I decided to go back to the circle slider idea. I'm thinking of having the background image on a timer of about 5-6 seconds, and then have the main overlay slider (the image in the circle and the service title (the company has three main areas of service)) changing every 8 seconds or so; although if I try this and it looks silly asynchronous, I'll probably just sync them up. Anyway, what say you?!

Adding to the thousands already out there.

I'm sure there are hundreds of these companies knocking about on the internet, but the majority have an overly corporate aesthetic, and work on the principle of shouting. Now I know the shouting element is required, after all, its a business based on generating leads; however I've tried to do things a little more subtly. Hopefully its different enough to please the client. What say you?

For that special day...

So, this is this mornings design. Its been put together pretty quickly, so I'm going to work on the typography and possibly play around with a little more texture.

Refrigeration Station

With the thought of refrigeration and cooling at the forfront of my mind, this design took shape fairly quickly, and the palette was dictated from the outset. The images are subject to change, and the majority of the information is just 'placeholding'; but I think its a decent start, and a step in the right direction.