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Spenser Jones  Pro

Crowsnest - Analytics with perspective

I have been working on an analytics app with @VisualIdiot over the past week, with the goal of simplifying the view, while still tracking and displaying all of the information that you may want. I find that Google Analytics is bloated and hard to use (especially since employees at my work need to track queries in it), and we feel that analytics can be more than just numbers and stats! We are now at a point in development where we're putting the finishing touches on a closed alpha, and I'd like to ask the wonderful Forrst community to help us test it. At this point, the queries are very basic, and we don't display much, but we track all of the basic statistics. If you are interested in trying out a new analytics engine, please go to crowsnestapp.com, and fill out our butt-ugly freaking gorgeous application form (can you tell that we're putting more effort into the app, than the application form? @VisualIdiot is amazing?). We're looking for a few basic things, so we can gauge interest in the app, and make sure we've got enough power to support everyone.


Travel Map

Ambrose University College is hosting a youth conference (called LYC) this weekend, and we are going to have a booth with information on where you can go with Ambrose. In order to make it a bit more interactive for the highschool students, it was decided that there should be an interactive map showing our offsite programs and students that are doing outreach programs in other countries. We only had a few days to make this so its fairly simple, but it provides visitors with the important information. Also, it is running in kiosk mode, so we aren't worried about load times or screen resolution (only fits 1600x900 fullscreen).


Javascript Tile Engine (for RPGs)

Hey everyone... I've fiddled around for the last two three days with a basic JS tile engine for an RPG that I've considered making (think Pokemon+MMO), and I figure that I may as well release the code. Its extremely basic at this point, and extremely poorly coded (I'm aiming to get the core functionality built so that I can have @VisualIdiot (hopefully) theme/style it, and another friend code the backend (to give him some additional experience with client/server communication). If you have any suggestions of how to make it better, I'd love to hear them, or feel free to fork it and start contributing as well. I'll be tossing in a license of some sort in the next few days. March 6th: The engine now allows for multiple characters to run around, without them randomly disappearing on a collision. It also has proper support for z-indexes. I'd say it is now at a point where a functional (albeit basic) game could be developed.


HexTime - Viewing time as a hex colour code

I recently came across clock.lookatjack.com, which displays a 24h clock, and changes the background colour to a hex code based off of that time. I showed it to a few friends, as it seemed like a neat little page, and one of them mentioned that he'd love it as a home page, if only it wasn't built in flash. I set that thought aside, as I was busy coding Symphonic with @VisualIdiot, but tonight I found myself with nothing to do... Out (of the speakers) came the coding music, and I hammered away at the keyboard for a bit, and came up with HexTi.me. It is by no means well coded, or tested in browsers other than Chromium for OS X, but it should work decently in most.


Massive features coming soon to WebKit: CSS variables & mixins

Some great features coming to WebKit, that will remove the need for LESS and the like, but sadly it'll still be many, many years until certain browsers support it :(


CSS3 Gradient changes in Webkit

Webkit just posted about the new CSS3 gradient syntax, which will be W3C's official standard. If you do any gradients in CSS3, give it a read, as it will change how you write your CSS

Login page & Forgot Password

In order to keep my CSS skills fresh, I created a (non-functional) login page and password reset window. At the moment of posting, the animations only work in Webkit browsers (using webkit animation) however I may add a jquery fallback in the future.