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Logo Sketch #3

Another logo sketch for me (SevoDesign). I would love to get some feedback and constructive criticism on this sketch! Do you guys like it? @skindy @craigsnedeker

Another Logo Sketch

Ok so design being just a hobby I haven't been doing anything with it for so long! So recently in spanish class I was just drawing and spontaneously came up with this and I love it! Remembering struggling to find an idea for a SevoDesign logo, I thought I may have a winner. What I wanted to hear from the community was if they liked it as a logo, could tell it was an "S", and if they recognized that there was a lowercase "d" in there too. Also how could I improve it? Or should I scrap it?

Popped 3D Button (Remake)

Remake of my popped up button, thinking about making a tutorial on it on webdesign.tutsplus.com , what do you guys think?

Popped 3D Button

Just an idea I had for a button, that I finally made! A popped up 3d button.

My Rebrand (for now)

This is my (SevoDesign) Rebrand (for now, as I come up with a logo for myself!) Tell me what you think.


CSS3 Transitions w/ Image Sprites?

Hi, I created a button with 3 states using image sprites, but I want a transition going from each state to smooth things out. But I have no idea how to use css3 transitions, here is the code for my button jsfiddle.net/8SgNw/ . Now how do I add in transitions?

Red 3D Buttons

Red 3D Buttons, in Normal, Hover, and Clicked states. Just some photoshop practice.