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Seb Kay

In Development HTML Template

I'm working on my next item for Creative Market. It's a simple, flat portfolio of sorts. The icons have a sexy bouncing effect, done with CSS animations. Let me know what you think.

Lando - Responsive Landing Page

I recently released my first product on [Creative Market](https://creativemarket.com/). It's called [Lando](https://creativemarket.com/SebKay/28832-Lando-HTML-Responsive-Landing-Page). It's just a nice and simple landing page template. I'm struggling to get feedback on the site so I wanted to get the Forrst communities thoughts and opinions on it. There are even a few things I'd like to update but want to wait untill I have a better understanding of other opinions. So please, let me know what you think :-)

Inspirational Pixels Design Blog (Update)

So I made a few updates to the last design (https://forrst.com/posts/Inspirational_Pixels_Design_Blog-GQX) as I wasn't completely happy with it. The biggest change is on the homepage where I've completely removed the sidebar to let the posts shine. I'd love some feedback on the new layout, you can check it out at http://inspirationalpixels.com

Inspirational Pixels Design Blog

So I spent the last 2 months or so re-designing and re-coding my web design blog, [Inspirational Pixels](http://inspirationalpixels.com/). I learnt a lot along the way, so much so that I've decided to release a WordPress theme for sale (it's still in the works). I wanted to post on Forrst for 2 reasons: - I haven't been on the site in a while and want to get more involved with the community. - I'm looking for feedback on my latest adventure, [Inspirational Pixels](http://inspirationalpixels.com/). **Note:** I am aware that I've forgotten to add an author page :-P

Dark & Light Navigation

I made the dark nav first but then decided to see how it would look with a lighter theme. Worked quite well :P Feedback is appreciated :)

Massive call to action on my homepage

I decided to try and pull in a few more customers i'd add a massive call to action right underneath the services on my homepage. It's nothing special, since it was only designed in the browser. Thoughts and feedback welcomed greatly! :)

Newsletter Sign-Up Button

Here's a little button I made for an upcoming template. Any feedback would be great. The states: Normal, Hover & Active.

Nav/Logo with refinement

I added this shot to Dribbble, but wanted to see what the Forrst community think of it. Any feedbak is greatly appreciated :-)