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Håkon Underbakke

"Programming"-style Website Design

This is all currently [on GitHub](https://github.com/schart/proj_code), and I am open for contribution.

Want to help me design an icon?

So I have always had problems designing icons. First of all, my photoshop skills are pretty limited - and I also don't really have that ability to catch something from the website and create an icon from it. Anyhow, just a request, not sure if I'm even supposed to do this on this website. If anyone is interested, just leave a comment. Also, any tips on the typography of "THE SCHART NETWORK" (header)?


I haven't added code syntaxing yet, but this is the general idea of the design I'm working on. Not quite happy with the "Save" (etc) buttons, any ideas on how I could make them better, and any other feedback?

Website Design

This design is my try of a professional looking template for company blogs. What do you think :)?


Your thoughts on design?

This is a small design concept I did today, I used white and gray (typical me) as the main colours, what do you think?

A Google-Inspired/Look-a-Like Input Box Look!

(From left to right, :focus, :hover and normal state) I did this while creating a simple Google look-a-like stylesheet and I was really happy with how the inputs turned out so I desided to share them here! I love feedback, bad and good! :)

Login Form Popup, Onclick Triggered

I did this when I was bored, it's quite simple really. A vertically and horizonally centered login box that is triggered by something like a page load or link click using simple jQuery. I added a error div, that can be customized with Ajax or PHP when the user tries to log in.


Since everyone makes search forms, I gave it a try!

I see more and more search forms like this one on the internet these days so I decided to mix my own design into this and give it a try! What do you think?