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Antoni Botev

Kiddo Gallery Page

One more page from the WordPress theme. There are 6 types of gallery pages but I believe the 4 column shot is the best one. bit.ly/…


I've just published my latest WordPress theme. themeforest.net/item/kiddo-a-powerful-kids-theme/…

Radio Vitosha

This is a site for a popular Radio Station in Bulgaria. I was working on it in 2009. I had to satisfy some specific requirements but I think it's not bad. They said it's ok and I didn't have to make any changes ... when I'm looking at it now I think I could add some textures but probably they just love that clear style. Oh, I forgot it - the large white space under the search form is for a banner.

Agricultural Organization Logo Concept

This is a logo for an Agricultural Organization. A made 2 or 3 concept logos for them. They rejected this one but I think it's the best so I'm sharing it with you. My idea was to combine the words "enviroment" and "agriculture" as these are their main activities so I wanted it everything to be in a circle and ... and you could see everything else... inspired by Jaegermeister

Logo contest

This one is for a design contest. I made it three years ago. Unfortunately I didn't win so I quit... anyway I like it.

A Note

just a note I made yesterday for my page. I used a favourite quote from Nucky to test the Gochi Hand font from Google web fonts

Hello Forrst!

Hi! It's my first post so I'll just show what I've been working on so far. Firstly - a logo for a poker news website.