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Roy Barber  Pro

Pyroman render- TF2 style

Hi, Im new here. I want to show my old project that i have made - based on TF 2 characters. Hope you enjoy it.

Chat design

I've never done any design of a chat, so I did

Logo development

Quick snap of the logo as its progressed with a splash of colour. Any mistakes, colour adjustments, spacing ect... let me know. Thanks

Eat Well Market Poster

Poste for a farmers market. Read the full case study here...tiltedsquare.com/journal/…


Logo I put together for a friend who wants to start a Hawaii clothing line(a sorta quirky surf, skate type look). The name is kind of a Hawaii thing, I guess, not to sure about that. Was wondering if it's coming along okay or if anyone see's some glaring irregularities on the design. Not sure about the type treatment, but this is the best one so far. Thank you all for looking Rangers!

Individual, Team, Enterprise.

One of our biggest clients is re-thinking some of their brand, and needed a new direction for their website to direct users to options for Individuals, Teams, or Enterprise. The Brigade created icons to represent each section, along with hero graphics and new homepage designs (currently in progress). The goal with the new direction was to make their productivity products more approachable without being cheesy. Most productivity or collaboration apps/software is either stale or cheesy, and we see a huge opportunity in the middle. I'll be uploading more comps of the homepage when they've been decided on, unfortunately due to the nature of our relationship with this client and our SOW, we can't show too much process. I'm still going through to clean these up, any feedback is appreciated!


New Portfolio Website live!

roxannecook.com [EDIT] So this post was originally requesting cross-compatibility testing but we're past that now thanks to you all at Forrst and my site is officially live! If you like what you see, please vote for my site on CSS Design Awards and CSS Winner.Thanks! So a little more about my creative thought process... I wanted to go beyond clean, minimalist design and come up with something more personal that truly showcases my personality and some of my hobbies and interests. I had recently taken a few months hiatus to travel and scuba dive in Southeast Asia where I encountered many magnificent sea creatures and I wanted this to be a significant theme in the design. I also love crafts and handmade things and my intention was for it to come across in the design in the form of textures and illustrations, creating a level of tangibility that is often lost on the web. As someone who enjoys live music and shows, I was inspired by concert and festival posters, especially those with strong typography and retro/vintage themes. The vibrant color scheme that you see here was inspired by an awesome, colorful pair of harem pants I purchased in Cambodia. And that, my friends, is how this design came together! So my advice to you designers out there is this: if you want to come up with fresh and unique designs or if you ever find yourself in a creative rut, I encourage you all to step away from your computer screen and seek inspiration offline. Always keep your eyes open, explore other creative outlets and challenge yourself by finding ways to implement your offline inspiration into your designs. You never know what you may come up with... good luck! [/EDIT]

Product page

Another page, still in the same site. This is a detail page of each product. A bit complex, but the aim still need to be simple and minimalist. More here cl.ly/…