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Rafael Oliveira

Royal Business Card

A simple and clean business card templates featuring some nice typography and textures :) Any advice guys? rafael-olivra.deviantart.com/art/…

Product Promotion Flyer

A simple looking flyer template made using catchy colors and a beauty layout. Hey guys what do you think :) rafael-olivra.deviantart.com/art/…

Raviro UI Set

A small set of ui elements that I've recently, I tried to work with some textures :) Any comments?

App Download Buttons

App Download Button is set of app publishing buttons which I've made for Android, Windows and IPhone/IPad App Store, just tried to work with some textures :) What do you guys? I've corrected the spelling :P

Orangejuice Business Card

Fresh, Clean and Delicious :P Another Business Card template I've made, this one with some hot colors, what do you think guys?

Logo Badges Pack

A complete set of customizable web badges available in different colors and shapes. Tried to find some good color combinations :) Any comments?

Hard Rock Business Card

A grunge textured Business Card template with beauty typography a beauty layout. Any comments?

Portfolio Showcase Background

A Customizable background, where you can place your portfolio or images :) Comments?