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Prathyush Pramod

Rotating dial FUI

A rotating dial created for Squarespace6 rebound contest on dribbble. More info here : drbl.in/…

Resolution Independent Progressbar

An attempt at creating a progressbar with a verbal progress report. The idea was to make use of the stuff I was learning at Uni and combine it with the basic CSS and HTML knowledge I had. I was able to learn and mix a good lot of stuff in Javascript and CSS by doing this. It also turned out to be a shot at creating a resolution independent UI. [ Hint : Zoom ] Check it out live

Frosty Jack : CSS Animated UI

Made an interactive user interface element in CSS. Idea is that the elements take as less space as possible and reveals the labels only on hover, so that the user can be sure that s/he is not guessing the functionality from the icons. Check it out at the Prabrothers' laboratory. Total amateur in CSS transitions at work. Please let me know if there's any way I can improve my code/design. Built for Drops app.

Monochrome Sidebar Icons

Some monochrome sidebar icons for Drops app The stamp icon was made just for fun. Others stand for the filetypes we support.

Drops Login Page

Enjoyed designing this for login page of <a href="http://twitter.com/dropsapp>Drops App. Idea is to notify the feedback on the logo such as loading and wrong login using pictograms. Constructive criticism is welcomed :)

Drops App

Here is the first product from the collaboration of Prabrothers and Vadim Demedes. The icon is 100% vector and my first go at creating 1024x1024px. Check out the teaser site and sign up to stay updated (; http://dropsapp.com

Vetwork Glyphs

Glyphs designed for the navbar in the web app I'm designing.

The Brothers' Weekly

Me and my brother Pranav has finally opened our site : Prabros.com We are debuting with a newspaper for the design community. Behind the Newspaper We constantly find that there is a lack of a site that records the happenings in the design community and helps to keep us in pace. Everyday something great was produced and we found ourselves losing track and stumbling on them way later. So, we've come up with this idea. Checkout the weekly here : http://weekly.prabros.com