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Cody Sanfilippo

DueProps Public Beta Launch! (homepage snap)

I'm very happy to announce that DueProps is finally in public beta! Head over to DueProps.com to sign up! DueProps is a game that allows managers and employees to award each other, embracing positive reinforcement and boosting productivity. I'm apart of a very amazing team, and I'm grateful to have been given the chance to work on it. It's all really exciting and fun, go try it out now!

Never Forget

RIP to those who lost their lives on this day, 10 years ago. Those men and women may be gone, but certainly never forgotten.

Thundercats Wallpaper

Download available at my site here. Enjoy!

DueProps Activity Stream

So, there's been a bunch of changes since the last time I posted this, including the name change. As I said in that snap, DueProps is, explained simply, a platform that allows managers and employees to award eachother via 'props', embracing positive reinforcement and boosting productivity, all underlined with a game aspect. The feed, or the 'Activity,' is just the most recent props given to your coworkers. By default, your Activity feed shows items regarding the people you follow. You can bring down the dropdown menu by clicking "Following," and you'll have a choice to pick between different departments of your company, just the people that you're following or everyone. When someone awards you a new prop, you're greeted with a "New Delivery" notification, which will nest itself under the items in the left sidebar until you accept said prop. Sometimes you'll have a choice to pick between various props. Starbursts in the corner of feed items are the votes a user has received for that particular prop. Clicking "Vote Up" will increase that number by whatever that prop's point value is. The profile card in the top-right is still a work in progress, but it's basically a quick preview of how you're doing on DueProps. I think the rest is pretty straightforward. :)

Google + Icon

Had a fun idea for an icon for G+, so I decided to whip it up in Photoshop. If you want, you can download it here. :)

Self Portrait

Inspired by Jamie Hewlett and (the very awesome) Jamie Burford

Various Due Props Awards

Here are four awards for Due Props. The Assist Star can be seen here. Two in the back are Executioner and Creativity. Other two are Comedian and Office Star. :) (sorry for the sloppy preview)

Assist Star

This is the Assist Award for DueProps, based on Mark Jackson :B This one was really fun, and got tricky on the smaller sizes. Full preview of this, it's smaller sizes and a bunch of other stars coming soon :3