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Patrik Židuliak

Borneo Theme - Homepage [Work In Progress]

Hello, everyone, yesterday I posted a little preview of my WIP theme. This is the homepage I have so far.

My Logo - Gradient Outlines

Hello everyone! As you may know, I have already posted few variations of my logo here. I was thinking about another use of the logo. I needed something like this to be used in one project of mine - you will probably see it later. This is the outcome, what do you think?

Wrong Coordinates - 404 error page - PSD Freebie

Hello, I made this a bit earlier (I think it was october). I found it as a good idea, to put there something with coordinates. I first wanted to put a compass icon there, but I decided for this pointer, it was easier to make. My question is: Would you like to download this for free in .PSD format? I may release this as a freebie! Cheers! EDIT: It's released! Download it for free at: cl.ly/…

Happy New Year

Hello everyone, I'd like to wish you happy new year by this way! I wish you many satisfied clients, pretty designs, working codes and loads of love, happiness, luck.

My logo black and white version and its use

Hello, everyone. Today I made a black & white version of my logo. It is simple and it won't be used as much as the colored version. I'm gonna use it only if it's necessary. I also show here the use of the logo, which is same at the colored version.

My Portfolio Design - WIP: Header

Hello, I started to design my own portfolio recently. This is what I have already. I think it is fine, but I think the right half of navigation bar is really blank. What do you think I could do with it? Or do you think it is good?

My New Logo Concept v2

Allright, so I tried to change the colors. I think in these greenish/yellow colors it looks better. Hope you like it :)

Blueprint Theme - Header

Hello, you may have seen the teaser I put here few days ago, but unfortunately, it was deleted. Now I'd like to share the progress with this template. For now, I have just this header.