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Stan Grinapol  Pro


Pavlin is a charming logo for a dancewear company, shoes and accessories boutique. B&W version.

First Toy

First Toy is a toy store in Saint Petersburg which is offering toys for little babies up to 3 years old. I hope it speaks to your soul as it has mine.


Found Online: A Type of Joke (Why So Serious?)

This is one of the greatest Joker related artworks I've ever seen, as well as being one of the most amazing typographical pieces I've ever seen! And it's available as a full size print! deviantart.com/print/22099840/

Switches and Buttons

A set of illustrations that we're never really used for they're real purpose. Wondering how to better them and move them on. Bit of a departure from all the nicely polished knobs and switches out there. Keen to use them!


Are you serious? Can I have your work?

Well I run my personal blog at jakeboyles.com and I got an email a couple days ago that read.. "Hey I really like the idea of your site. I am making a site for my self and want kind of use the same idea you have with the whiteboard. I was wondering could you send me the file to your whiteboard, all I want is the whiteboard not the writing you have on it." I created the whiteboard from scratch and spent a couple hours on it. All i could think of is are you serious, and do you really think Im just going to give you something that I created for myself just like that? People just think what we do is so easy and can be done in 5 minutes. Atleast ask how I did it and I would respond but just asking for the psd, really? So, I sent him a psd of this instead.. So has anyone had anything like this happen to them before?

The letter "C" explorations

Just exploring some techniques on the "C" for possible use on a website. I haven't added any color yet, but likely will. Which do you like?


Would you mind polluting the app stores for some extra cash?

A while ago I read a blog about how much this guy was earning with several things he was doing, and i was surprised about how much money he was earning on ads in apps on the android market. I took a look at the apps, and most (not all) of them are the kind of apps i wouldn't be proud of. They're apps of the level of fart apps, apps i believe can be developed within an hour or less. As a Flash developer i can easily create apps i could both publish to the Android and IOS market. I could put ads in them, and i could create about 4 of these apps each evening. I'm talking about the kind of apps that actually don't do anything useful but kids could bother each other with. In other words, i would completely pollute both app stores with even more junk apps, but i could earn some cash with it. I would absolutely not be proud of the apps i would create, but if i could earn the same amount of money each month as the guy i mentioned before does... i'm not sure if would care about it. Of course i wouldn't give up my daytime job, this would just be an extra, i'd go completely crazy if i had to make stuff i'm not proud of for a living, but they would create a nice cash-flow i could use for my way to expensive hobbies. I do realize with a quality app i could potentially earn more money, and do so without polluting the app stores... but as i mentioned i do have a daytime job and too many hobbies so i don't think i have the time for that. So i was curious, as the title says... Would you mind polluting the app stores for some extra cash?


Delta (triangle) deer - Deerta.