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Stan Grinapol  Pro



Just bought this new domain, and was wondering what is the initial impression, i have an idea of what I want to do with it but first want to make sure it makes sense.

Simple brushed metal dial tutorial.

WIP my first tutorial, being inspired by the brushed steel buttons popping up cross the web, I was curious to see how these are made. Not finding any descent tutorial I decided to experiment and create one myself. Any comments, and suggestions, welcome and appreciated. My goal is to keep this as simple as possible for the sake of the tutorial, and make it as realistic as possible.

scribble and tweak portfolio site.

Looking to wrap up my portfolio site this week. All critiscism is welcome and appreciated. scribbleandtweak.com

How many of you are excited about commodore 64 resurfacing from the ashes.

Appropriately named Phoenix will have an amazing performance/size ratio.

Just a Though

Allot of people are talking about the change of this logo, It's too much green but I like it sanstext. maybe they should have kept the black and green.

Logo I'm working on.

Another logo I'm working on. Needs allot of tweaking but I figured I'll post it as I make progress.

something I made but not using.

I was working on something and then realized it looks too much like facto icon (in concept atleast, exclamation point and F), so I discarded it, but figured I should post it in case anyone finds it useful. Vector available as well.


Cloud App Vs Drop Box

If you already have Drop box account with enough space, does it make sense to start a CloudApp account?