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Nicolas Vollerin


Conditional comments and IE10

To continue/update a post i've sent some times ago (http://forr.st/~ORN) and the fact that IE10 does not read conditional comments anymore. So for those who need to add a scpecial class to ie10 or just to IE we would need use js and here is a simple way to achieve it with jquery if ($.browser.msie && $.browser.version == 10) { $("html").addClass("ie"); } thanks to http://stackoverflow.com/a/13954700

Barf bags collectible portfolio

Here is the wikipedia of sickness airbag. Really, every topic could make a collectible :-) The idea is to have something fresh on a weird theme. I used a wordpress core to make it esay to use as cms. Every bag is classified according to the continent The title is made ase an airport billboard, animated with a javascript


Chrome display problem with cufon and caneva 2d acceleration enabled

Since few days i realised a lot of trouble with my webpages that actualy used the cufon technology. After few researchs it appears the problem was due to the 2d canevas acceleration. My system is runing under Windows7 64 bits as the guy who find the issue.(read linked post)


IE8 only css hack that exclude IE9?

It looks like nobody already needs to fix some css hack on IE9 but I DO! I need to fix the known input text vertical align ie8 problem to align inthe middle. So i thought in the before-ie9 way to do .text-box{ padding-top: 13px\0/ !important; /* IE 8 */ } it fixed my ie8 pbl but then happened one on ie9 that push the text out of the field. So anyone know the way to do an exclusive ie8 css hack?

Melting Notes

I especially pay attention to the melting notes effect into the splatters

Portable tv offer

The idea was to make a swirl of channels images entering the tv. I've made the ribon using that tuto goo.gl/…. Then i've created a box recreating the tv case to insert a form. I'm thinking add text in the header using a light effect with borders as the old cathodic tv tubes with 3 colors(red/blue/green) in a subtrative effect. The tv screen will display youtube tv shows from famous broadcast channels to make it as a funcionable tv (thx to the jw player flash).


Setting a Google Map as the Background of your Web Site

Set a google map as a a whole background page, impressive!


Https + flash + i.e 7&8

hi all, I'm using a video flash player on a payment page and internet explorer pop a warning window saying it is blocking a potential weakness by leting flash runs. off course i don't want to affraid people displaying that page on i.e(yes there are still people browsing with it) just because flash is loading a video from outside (youtube). Any one already had and/or solved this issue?