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Free Psd Web Ribbon Sale Label

A set of three e-commerce and psd web ribbon sale label. You can add any text and change colors to fit your specific design needs. The psd file is available as a freebie @ Pixeden.com: Psd Web Ribbon Sale Label Hope it can be of help.

My Portfolio Design

Hi all. I need a word from you.Please, what do you think? I'm designing my personal portfolio. I have got this idea with big crazy colorful stripes with loosing ends. I've send some shots with this idea before. Now i have finished whole design of main page of my portfoio site. I have redesigned menu in header. Now i have simply round button with texture. The 1st, big one button is active. In main body there is oplaced greeting, my mascot and short text about me. In text will be also links for other pages and link to anchor for social network badges in footer. In featured works I'm showing few of my choosen works. 1st picture shows you more info about image while you hover over it. There is name of project, "+" is zoom and keywords with hashtag (i'm thinking about filtering my works with these keywords later in portfolio page). In footer are badges for several networks and CC license. Social network badges are made by me, these are half-Ps half-Ai. Badges are for (ordered as shown): Apple's GameCenter Flickr Twitter Facebook YouTube Last.fm Tumblr DeviantArt Picasa Foursquare Forrst Gowalla Miso Valve's Steam And i'm also thinking about adding more badges for Grooveshark, Instagram, Vimeo, (maybe Bookfan), email and i don't know for what else. There will be hover effect with showing bubble or something with name of site and my nickname (because for GameCenter isn't external link(or at last i don't know about it)). Later I will place between badges and CC licence icons/links for my project I'm thinking about and what i will do later. Whole layout is 960px. This cut is for only these 960px. It is designed to be aligned to left side, not centered. Repeatable background is 1024px, that's why the last right strip is severed. I would like to hear your opinion. What do you think abou it? Is it good or bad? Can it be useable? Tell me everything what lies on your heard when you look at it :) UPDATE: In attachment you can find second version with a bit diffrent bottom wallpaper curling. I've left only few curling up and other are almost flat. It look looks good too. What do you think? Now i'm not sure which one will use. And then there are some little changes. I've changed Miso icon with Grooveshark, i'm using it more than Miso. And moved the "My Network Badges Collection" lower to the bottom of bottom badges (Steam, etc.). And add some more space over badges. So what do you think about bottom wallpaper curling? What is better? First or second version?

Nyan Cat PSD & PNG

I'm in the process of creating a proof-of-concept using the mobile web and I needed to add a bit of fun and colour so i decided to use the Nyan Cat! I had to create my own version of him so I thought I would give it away. Once the demo is done I'll post that too, in the meantime feel free to have the PSD

Paper Login 2

How's the new one, guys?

200x125 Theme Advertisment

This is a 200x125 advert I designed for my theme shop. The advertisement will be placed on PSDTuts+. The purpose is just to test out the market and see if I can increase total sales for a while. P.S - There is no URL to my themes or any commercial services or products. Thanks :)

My new portfolio

i will love to get some feedback on this design :). it is a simple design just to show potential enterprises some of my work :) EDIT: i have uploaded a new version :)

Sexy Login

Just did a super clean and functional login box in PS. Going to write the markup soon. Any suggestions? :) Thanks!

News Stand

I did it just for fun :). It makes such a lot of fun 'picking pixels'. Work was done only in Photoshop. And the best for last - as the total did not want to write - If this work will appeal to many people that I am providing access to the PSD file for free for all. (512px 300dpi) Btw. 'normal' color version: Click this fancy link