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Personal Website Design

[www.mickel.me](http://mickel.me) Would love to hear what how you think of the animations, timing and such. Afraid I might have over worked some parts of it all! Vanilla JS (no jquery or such)... weighs in at about 10k (html, css and js), let me know how it loads :)

Myopia Album Art

For my new single "Myopia". The texture used in the background is fireworks, and the texture for the type is bokeh-ized lights :)

HTML5 Canvas custom charting component

Built a HTML5 Canvas component for a circular chart / progress bar thingy. Scales without loosing quality (vector-like behavior) and near pixel-perfect with my initial Photoshop design. Let me know if you like it :)

Album art

Just a sketch/concept and excuse for me to play around some in CS6 haha. Let me know what you think! :)


Album cover for a new track by Allic (allicmusic.com). The track features ping-pong balls and is kind of freaky. Hence, freakochet... makes no sense whatsoever but hell wtfn ;)

Guerrilla Album Cover

Working on an album for Allic - Guerilla (allicmusic.com), just thought I'd share my progress! Original size about 3.000 x 2.500px

Website for my ghost brother, Allic

Ok, I admit. I'm Allic and this is me shamelessly promoting the release of my house music and this website that I created. Would love to hear your input, especially about the website design, logo and such. Designed, built and published by me in less than 24 hours. HTML5, CSS3, .NET MVC 3. I also created the music, though not in the same 24 hours :p Visit the website here: allicmusic.com/

Subtle Log in

Do you think it's confusing that the label icons (man and key), look like buttons? When pressed the field will be focused and selected. I appreciate all feedback! Thanks!