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poster design

concept for a poster. text is "make your brachot out loud". just want to get some feedback about the composition before i send it to the client.

Kids hair accessories company

Hey, just wanted some quick feedback on a simple logo I am designing for a kid's hair accessories boutique. Does the font work? UPDATE: thanks to those who sent feedback. i actually decided to go with custom type instead, see bottom image. great to be back on forrst!

Poster for coffee shop

starting a series of posters for a local coffee shop. would love some feedback on the typography and overall flow and feeling of the poster. thanks!

birthday card

wanted to make something nice for my brother in law...and take a stab at some typography practice. feedback would be great!

Ahava followup

original post: https://forrst.com/posts/Ahava-H0C was really inspired with this...my first shot at calligraphy. feedback would be great! please go easy on me, im a newbie at this :).


some grungy calligraphy for fun...using my friend's name.

Holiday card for my company

just sharing because i havent posted in a while...and most of the things i work on are licensed and cant be posted... happy (early) holidays forrst!

One of those days...

wanted to try out a new custom color palette and some typography work. and it's just one of those days...TGIF :)