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Nicole Bauer

Awesomeness UI Widgets - Free PSD

I have been a member for a while now but was inactive since signing up. So I guess this is officially my first post. I decided to post these free ui psd I created, will soon be posting current projects for actual feedback. Thank you!

Currently in Color

Hey Forrst, I built a chrome extension a few months ago called Currently that replaces your new tab screen with the time and the weather. I just pushed an update today that adds a lot more customization. Try it out, you just might like it :)


Another small, clean interface. This one is for buying chairs.

Dudley Zoo // Logo

As a school assignment I am doing some new branding for Dudley Zoo, Birmingham, UK, and here is my initial thoughts on a logo. Dudley Zoo was founded in the 1930s and the vibe around the zoo is very Art-Deco-like and I am trying to do a bit of that Art-Deco feel in the logo as well. Please, let me know what you think?

CreativeFox agency logo design

Creative Fox Agency = Fox, X, Pencil, Crown, King, Creative, Sharp, Castle, Triangles...

Vector icons [freebie]

A set of vector icons to download as freebie download here

Banner for my Website

Hello Friends, I designed a banner for my website. But i am not to happy with it. Need some feedback. What should i do to make it more impressive and attractive? Please give feedback. Thank You

London 2012 - Team GB

This is the first in a possible series of wallpapers that I will create for the Olympics happening near my home town! I would initially like to point out I am using the logos without the copyrighted consent of their owners but I would like to think as this is a personal project that this would not matter. I have also credited the logos in the bottom right hand corner of the image I have posted. As always let me know what you think Thanks