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Nicole Bauer

Nicole Bauer commented on Daniel Kövesházi’s post 6 years ago

Love, love, love, such a great idea!

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Nicole Bauer commented on Denis Tunguz’s post 6 years ago

Can we see the one the customer chose? :) Cause I think this one is pretty cool. Love the store-ish feel. The clouds are a bit too much in my opinion, but apart from that, great design!

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Nicole Bauer commented on Matt Tung’s post 6 years ago

I agree about the roots & shoots logo, but apart from that I really like it! Very nice!

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Nicole Bauer commented on Craig Snedeker’s post 7 years ago

Are those cracks part of the logo? I'm just trying to imagine this as a print out, could get a bit complicated. And it would be good to know what's it's for? ^^

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Nicole Bauer commented on Julius Koroll’s post 7 years ago

What do you need help with? :) Looks great so far!

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Nicole Bauer commented on Daniel Hemmingsen’s post 7 years ago

Hm... Well, you wanted critique, here it comes. :) First of all I think the Script font in the header doesn't work at all. I personally never use captial letters only with a Script font, that's not what they're made for. That font in particular I've seen a hundred times, so maybe have a look on fontsquirrel or even Smashing Mag to find a bit more current font.

The Scanlines, I don't know, they're kinda "5 years ago" and for my taste to thick. The headline thing looks cool (I would maybe get rid of the inner glow effect), but I don't really get why you put the content in a box. Why not just write on the white?

The green of the Go button doesn't go well with the background and the Don't worry text is a bit hard to read, maybe use a lighter version of the background color instead of black.

In general I think it's very "in your face". The Subscribe thing is huge, that might be ok for Headline, but for the Subscribe I find it a bit too much. I get that you want people to subscribe ;) but I think it would be enough to have a big Call to Action button.

I'm a bit confused by the icons. Twitter and Forrst, got it, Home, got it, but what about the speech bubble? That's chat? I'm kinda missing a navigation, because on first sight I would have thought those icons also have something to do with social media. Maybe it's just me....;)

Better? Yes, I think it's better when it Icons are all aligned.

Sorry, I didn't have a lot positive to say, but I hope the critique helps.

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Nicole Bauer commented on Devin Ross’s post 7 years ago

That looks great and is well arranged! Brilliant job!

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Nicole Bauer commented on Gordon Hatusupy’s post 7 years ago

Haha, that look on it's face! Brilliant! I also love the woodden textured ribbons!

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Nicole Bauer commented on Antonio Huete’s post 7 years ago

Guys, just chill! :)

I guess some people are just generally fed up with Dribbble, cause it's just everywhere which I can understand (I catch myself rolling my eyes over some dribbble graphics from time to time, too), but as far as I know it's not forbidden to post Dribbble related graphics on Forrst, we're not enemies, so whatever.

Just ignore the dribbble stuff if you don't like it.

And: you really did a great job with this! Looks like you just took a photo of a pink basketball, brilliant!

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Nicole Bauer commented on Nikki Jeske’s post 7 years ago

I like the concept a lot. I thought the chalkboard was better though. ^^

I think the oven glove could use details and maybe I would make the bottom pan a pot instead, cause I've personally never seen such a high pan. ;)

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Nicole Bauer commented on Sergey Blagodetelev’s post 7 years ago

I love love love this Portfolio PDF thing! Great idea! The separators are great and I like your color scheme. I'm not too crazy about that strong reflection in the footer.

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Nicole Bauer commented on Andrea Cau’s post 7 years ago

And give it some legs! ^^

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