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Nicole Bauer


Experiences with Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch?

Hi guys, I'd like to get a graphics tablet, though I don't want to spend so much money it as I'm not sure if I can really work with it. I'd like to use it for quick drawings or brushing in Photoshop and maybe also for editing photos. The cheapest from Wacom is still 224€ and it's tiny. :) So I found this Bamboo Pen & Touch from Wacom which seems to be quite cool for beginners :), thus I wanted to hear if anyone has it and can share some experiences? Cheers, Nicole


Trying something new here with a technique I read about in magazine. I've never used brushes in that way, because I'm not very talented when it comes to painting and I'd need to get a graphics tablet, painting with a mouse is not that easy. ^^ Can anyone recommend a good tablet (that is not too expensive for a start)? Original photo: fhrankee.deviantart.com/art/…


Here's the final card. In the print version I made my head on the front of the card wobble (using a clip, so it will bounce from left to right when you hit it ^^). You can see that in the video. ;)

Style Monster

For the past 2 years I only did illustrations for my portfolio, but now it was about time to open Photoshop. :) I'm actually quite happy with how this turned out, but I'm a bit unsure about the lines. Do you find them distracting?

Website Icons

I'm just working on some new icons for our website. The blue ones were done by an agency, but my boss doesn't like them, haha. ^^ So we decided to go with the look and feel of our PowerPoint icons I had created, but do you think they all look cohesive? Any other feedback?


Hi guys, I need your advice here. I wanna change this graphic (it's for a PowerPoint), because I don't like the way the text is arranged, especially the blue boxes, but I'm a bit stuck here. I have no clue how to arrange the four areas. Any ideas?


From Digital to Print - Help?

Hi, I've studied Digital Media, but now I work as an in-house designer, so I'm also creating brochures, postcards etc. So far creating print-ready files hasn't been a problem, but now I'm working on Christmas cards that will have a metallic effect and stuff and I'm a bit worried cause I'm not sure if I know enough about printing to do that. Thus now I'm looking for some beginner's guides to printing (knock-out, overprint, huh?). ^^ Tips anyone?


This is a ridiculous looking version of myself and I will use it for a birthday card for my boyfriend. Usually I use more gradients and no borders for my illustrations, but I wanted to try something new. Now I'm not sure about the shadows/highlights etc. and I feel something's wrong with the hair. Any tips? I'm not certain whether I'm gonna use that illustration on the shirt (it's from a wallpaper I've done recently), because it might be to detailed? What do you think?