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Matt Willett

GTAV Cheats Website

A small site I made just for fun. Proven to be very popular! www.cheats-gtav.com

[Tut] How to make a gear icon in Adobe Fireworks

I wrote a quick tutorial on how you can make a gear icon using Adobe Fireworks. While there is a 'Cog' auto-shape, this method helps you learn about using Fireworks and vectors and several very powerful features an techniques.

What do you do?

Hey Forrst'ers and lumber-men and women. Here is a view at our new demo, this is likely to be the only step to the demo as we're aiming to keep it simple simple simple. Does this demo make sense to you? How do you start the demo? What is the goal? What is the target? How do you get help/guidance? How do you register? Please be as detailed as possible, thank you so much everyone :)

Trade Chase game-play live.

Here is a look at the "Up or Down" game on Trade Chase, specifically the main game-play area. We have worked hard on providing as much information as possible into a small space by using as little information as possible (if that makes sense). There is a search area to the left in a sidebar (not shown) along with a chat wall and a leader-board. Before you ask, a tutorial loads on page-load. Some questions from me: Do you understand what's going on? Do you think there is anything missing? What are your main concerns? Thanks :D

Before & after: Homepage

Here is the before and after comparison between the Trade Chase homepage. We decided to re-brand a long time ago and along with this came a new homepage design. The changes include an entire rebuild of the homepage design and a complete re-brand. Our registration form was inspired mainly by Tumblr although we admit that it is a common experience... part of the reason for our decision actually. Please comment, criticise and explain your thoughts.

Before & after: Register

Before & After design for the first stage of signing up to www.TradeChase.com Previously, we used 4 explicit steps displayed in a progress bar. You're actually allowed to use the site fully after step 2 but in order to play to win real money you need to be verified (legal reasons). This was all displayed to the user and although looks okay from a design perspective, it's really not necessary and is off-putting. Now we have refined our on-boarding process to just a single step, removed the bulky & unnecessary text. Users can now complete these 3 simple steps to go straight in, if they wish to play to win money, they must verify themselves. Also removed that bloody ad-banner! What do you think?

Which logo?

Here is the new logo concept I've been working on for www.tradechase.com - I've spent hours upon hours just thinking about what it could be and have settled for a simple hexagon shape. The bold shade of red represents a 'bullish' trading behaviour, the upward line (with or without the arrow) indicates positive change, data visualisation as well as positive economic growth (which isn't something we've seen too much recently). Trade Chase is an online stock market betting site - it uses real, live stock market data to allow users to learn to trade while winning real money. Key aspects include: - data - data visualisation - graphing/performance - stock markets (+ contents) - bull/bear trading approaches Please be critical and constructive, not hateful

Something new is coming

There's something new coming to Trade Chase. Can you guess what it might be? In the bigger picture, if you saw this would you be tempted to click it? -- UPDATED --