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Brandon Shepard

Feedback on color scheme with royal blue - Pacific Party Rentals - Prelaunch Design

Aloha everyone, looking to get some feedback on the current design. The whole look of the website with the current theme shows stability, reliability, approachability, as well as elegant. I opted to utilize their logo that usually is set on a royal blue color which I'll attach for viewing. Just wondering any thoughts on how I could incorporate that color, as well as provide feedback from people who love the color scheme. Here is the current logo and color scheme they use

Redesign Mockup for a Waikiki Restaurant

Here's a mockup that is in current design development, I wanted to help provide them with a redesign that would help them stand out more. Definitely let me know what you think, I was very uncertain with the footer and changed it a few times. I just loved the way the logo looked centered but still undecided with all the spacing it's showing. Mahalo everyone, you all are fantastic! Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas)!

<p class="date"><span><?php echo human_time_diff(get_the_time('U'), current_time('timestamp')) . ' ago'; ?></span></p>

Wordpress Timestamp

Does anyone have any better suggestions on how timestamps should be formatted? Currently I have the following snippet. Possibly a shorter way to achieve relative timestamps in wordpress?


DISQUS vs IntenseDebate – Which wordpress comment system do you like better and why?

I have currently installed disquos and haven't tried IntenseDebate, so I was wondering if anyone had some thoughts on both.


Here's my first custom wordpress theme for a local mexican grill and cantina.


Wordpress Themes?

Can anyone recommend a framework to start developing wp themes? I'm currently working on a re-design and have started developing the theme in wordpress. Just wondering if I should do it another way using a framework instead.

$area = new Area('myarea');        
if (($area->getTotalBlocksInArea($c) > 0) || ($c->isEditMode())) { ?>
    <div class="myarea">
   <?php $area->display($c); ?>
<?php } ?>

How to Add a div class in Concrete 5

I thought I'd share this code so anyone that decides to test concrete 5 will have some what of an easier time. I do think that working with wordpress is much easier code to understand and is well documented.


Creator of Twitter: ‘Drawing out your ideas’ is the key to success. | Drawing Down the Vision

The Creator of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, shared his top 3 keys to success at the 99% Conference. Jack advocates we 'draw an idea out, recognize the situation around us, and immediately share it with people.'