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Luke Etheridge

Music Players

Just a fun little rebound of @Paco's shot over on Dribbble to practice my UI skills. I don't use enough green in my designs so I went all out on this one!

Player Buttons UI

Hey Forrst! It's been a little while so I apologise for that. Some interesting changes in these here parts that's for sure. Here's just some weekend UI practice. Enjoy!

iTunes Button

This morning I decided to tweak and improve a 'Subscribe in iTunes' button I designed a little while back for a client, and this was the outcome (normal, hover and active/pressed states). Let me know what you think and as always constructive feedback is welcome :)

3 Button Navigation

This is a just a rebound of someone else's shot over on Dribbble I did a few days ago. I designed the rebound for practice as I've never had the chance to create something like this in an actual project. Let me know what you think...

Hotspot Central Homepage

I'm very excited to be working on this project and it is currently very much WIP so your feedback is always appreciated. NOTE: I have uploaded the full view below for those not too fond of photo uploads, so please be sure to click the image (or click here) to enlarge ;) The '(at)2x' version I posted on Dribbble also allows you to zoom in and out. I am going for a flat, minimalist/simple design for this site, yet with a fun and professional colour scheme. Most text is simply made-up and there as a placeholder until the content gets sorted. Full View...

Vusic iPhone App Design

Predominantly dabbling in web design and development until now, this is in-fact my very first app design and is just something I created for practice. As it's a personal 'mock' project this app doesn't exist but if you want to make it happen let me know! ;). NOTE: I uploaded at 800 x 600px so please click on the image above for full view. And for the real pixels (again, click on the damn thing to enlarge!)...

My New Responsive Portfolio

It's taken months to develop and many sleepless nights, but yesterday I finally launched the new design for my portfolio...and unlike the old one, it now reflects my current design and development skills -

New Proud Designs logo

Over the next few weeks/months my personal portfolio will be undergoing a much needed rebrand and relaunch, with an updated portfolio section (that would help!) and many new features. As part of the new look I started with the logo to really guide the way for the new, simplistic brand in terms of both design and color scheme. Also, shouts to @mike for the invite - really appreciate it!