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Clochet Aurélien

Merry Christmas !

Series of gnome for christmas and a theme : Modern Christmas.

Vintage Cosmo - last stage

Hop, here the final step of this personal project. I leave it here for now !

Oscar Robot

Hello Forrst, long time no see. I had this little work, just a research for a small project. Hope you'll love it. made with photoshop vecto (i'll do the lot in illustrator as soon as possible).

Broken sun

The final version is near :)

Brown Desert

Here's a wip of my next background website on Leminence.fr, the new version of the website will be release soon :)


Easy wysiwyg editor in jquery

Hello everyone, i'm looking, for one of my backoffice, an easy to integrate wysiwyg editor (with just strong, em and link tags). No image integration or this things, just the basics. But i want that this wysiwyg editor add a tag when enter is pressed. Jquery is appreciate but if not that's good to. Actually, i use this script pushingkarma.com/projects/jquery-wysiwym/ but it doesn't integrate tags as far as i know... All links or tutos are appreciated ! Thanks a lot !

Vector Oldies

Again, some vector exercices. These heads are old but i post them to remember one thing -> improve them ! move your ass and go back to work !

Up in the sky

Here's a "final" version of my previous WIP (forrst.com/posts/…). There's still a lot of work to do especially with the ladders. But i'm almost done !