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Laura Moraiti


Header re-redesign

A few new iterations on the mobile navigation, thanks to @Oiseau and @kenil for their input 1.a) Centered logo, with "Top read" and "Search" on the sides as easy access and a 100% width "Menu" button that activates a dropdown. The dropdown features the main categories in a column with associated color and then the other items with their icon (in larger size) 1.b) The same but using all caps. I'm not sold on either one. 2) A different approach, logo alone centered top and then a quick nav including "Top read", "Menu", "Last news", "Search" and "User", the dropdown layout is same as in 1.b). 3) Reduced navigation: logo on left and buttons for "Menu" and "Search". In this case the dropdown has 3 columns and in the bottom placed in two columns the other items with their icon. 4.a) A variation over 3, with "Top read", "Search" and a minimized icon "..." that opens "User" and "Last news". Is the ellipsis to vague? maybe using other icon would fit best. 4.b) a cleaner take on 4.a) using 2 columns for the main categories.


Header re-redesign

The header for desktop is almost done, only some icons here and some details there are missing. My concern now is: # What would make the best navigation experience on mobile? The items to accomodate were basically this 3, so the layout developed was a "fold out" menu that expands on click but (if the user clicks) shows the same content desktop users see. - "Top read" news, as a quick navigation to scan 5 popular news - Main menu, with the most important topics - Subnavigation, items oriented to interaction rather than a specific topic


Header re-redesign

**This is a new iteration on the header of a news website we are currently re-developing to update the code and re-designing to include our ever growing mobile audience and revamp the experience for the desktop everyday user.** This is version #3 actually, didn't post the #2 here but I wasn't totally sold on it. After doing tons of sketches and burning out my mind to make some sense out of priority I got something I actually think it's an improvement and could be easily adapted for mobile with minor changes.

Header re-redesign

Hello to all! I'm having a bit of a struggle on the header for the news site I'm working on, as the redesing header (still in the "staging area") doesn't fill the brand needs to: + Continue to position our name within competitors + Show one of our products: online radio (to our directors this is a key element) + Top news of the day and last added news for a quick navigation way, and paired to that a rolling ticker + Quick access within a click of: searching and categories/tags + Less important (but on the process of gaining relevance) a user menu + Ads from our partners This are a bizillion elements to squeeze in a header, but we have to and there's not room for negotiation passed this point (we've managed to convince the directors to take some stuff out tho'). This is what I have so far as a rebound from the old one and the redesigned one:


Ad placeholder on media kit

Hello forrsters!! I'm building a media kit for the news site I work on, the stats part is coming up nicely, but I'm having some trouble with the ad placeholders. This will be presented to customers in order to show the services we offer. Big blocks of color are a bit rude to the eye, but I don't want to use ads of current clients to illustrate the size of the banner (it would look outdated very soon). Nor I want to use the _"Imagine you brand here"_ kind of placeholder. **Have you ever had to do this? what would you suggest?**

Bug in IE7 with jQuery slidetoggle

I'm working on this dropdown menu, everything works smoothly in every browser, and I'm 90% done but IE7 is giving me the creeps (as usual).

3rd update on online store design

dHi Forrsters! I've change a few things for this version, and it's kind of approved now. + Full width search bar with more structures filters + breadcrumb + "Category" title bar with same height as "Top products" + Newsletter widget in white and purple - no red here was needed I think + Purple tag for price. This was a struggle because it depended on the relevance they wanted to put on the price. At the end I presented gray, red and purple tags and they chose purple because it wasn't neither too flashy or too toned down. + "Add to cart" button is now white, and it appears with a subtle animation when hovering the box. I used the red background for the CTAs to make it pop and not have to rely on the color of the button. + "Details" link added Sorry this is in spanish, it takes too much time to translate everything back and forth since the presentation for the client is in spanish. I think you will read it just fine :) or ask me ¡Muchas gracias!

Update on online store layout

The first round of feedback was really helpful, we needed an oustide look to keep improving! Thanks for the feedback @Studio164a, @sarah_edwards, @kenil and @onetruthandre.