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Joe Gillespie  Pro

Shirt Design

Working on a shirt design and looking for some feedback on the bells. The name of the shirt is Liberty Three, a play off the names of Liberty One and Two (buildings in Philadelphia). The design features two Liberty Bells with a third in the negative space. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks! ----- I have updated the design based on initial feedback, let me know your thoughts...thanks again.

CSS Redesign Work in Progress

Finally able to take some CSS3 and jQuery classes and have been reworking my department website. After some early stumbles, the whole concept is starting to really make sense to me and this page is table-free! Looking forward to reworking my personal site and then playing around with some responsive design.

Character Sketch

Deviating from my usual graphic design post to share this character sketch for an original story I am working on in my spare time. Its a work in progress, just messing around with his look and color scheme. He is obviously supposed to be leaning on something, but that was removed for additional tweaking. Love to hear some feedback.

For Pete's Sake

Doing some concepts for an upcoming charity walk. The graphic will be large, on the back of the shirt and the only thing specified was to include a shamrock. I went the Irish route, love to here some feedback.

15 Year Reunion

A friend contacted me about doing a quick image for a Facebook page for our elementary school reunion, so I whipped this up and actually like it a lot. Any thoughts?

New Page

After many, many designs, I think I finally decided on a look I could live with for a while. Still working on the bottom portion, but its just a contact form. I would love to hear some feedback. Thanks.

That's right...Fantasy Bowling League logo

Little logo for our Fantasy Bowling League. Yep, a Fantasy Bowling League. The idea is to make our bowling league a little more interesting and competitive. There are currently 10 of us in the larger league, spread across a few different teams. Each week, we draft 2 players' games from this 10 and add the score of our own game that is not picked. The guy with the highest total wins the pot. For additional laughs, each week we put out a newsletter and I just started a Tumblr page. It's been pretty fun.

Postcard for Your Health 2.0

Still working on this flier, but I submitted the concept to get some finalized copy and thought I would share. Any feedback?