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Jordan Darbishire

Chapters Rebrand 2.0

I posted a fantasy rebrand I did for Chapters Indigo bookstores a couple of weeks ago, and got a good response from Mike Evans, who is a Ranger here. Here is what I did with his critique. I think it's a much better solution. The original can be seen on my profile, and the actual Chapters logo can be seen here: http://coolcanucks.ca/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/ChaptersIndigo.jpg


This is kind of a joke, but I really like the way it turned out. Everyone who has ever bought something from Ikea that had to be assembled can understand my reasoning and concept. Any criticism is appreciated.

Mountain Equipment Co-op

This was done for fun over a week or so. This is not a real project, just something I felt like doing. To me, when reading about the company, they take pride in their business but not in their brand. The website has a timeline by year since the 70's yet no mention of their logo or branding. Thought this was a little more fun and modern.