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John Crossley


Any developers/designers interested in helping build a web site?

Hey guys, I'm a student/web developer from Manchester, England. i'm interested in building a web application i won't say much at the moment as obviously i don't want to splash the idea all over. However i will tell you this, it's not some silly idea that sounds ridiculous or will be too expensive in time to code. It's a realistic idea that could potentially earn a fair bit of money. The reason I ask for help is because I cannot design for toffee, i can however code php, js html/css very well (amongst some other languages) but having another developer would speed development up massively. I'm only looking for 1 designer (a nice simplistic designer not overly complex designs friendly on the eyes) and maybe another developer (cool ninja developer). Ideal partners would be located in Manchester haha but im sure that chances of this are very small. If you are interested then add me on skype (JonnoTheBonno) or message me via Forrst. I'm planning on building this using the php laravel framework or codeigniter. Could be convinced to build it in rails (maybe) Look forward to any responses!