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Joel Okimoto

Phantom Web Design

I've been working on a project of mine for a while and I've just finished the design for the website. What do you think? All feedback is welcome, good or bad.

Lucid UI Kit (V4)

I would like to thank the whole of the Forrst community for their help while I was designing this UI kit. This is the forth and final design for 'Lucid UI Kit', it has been accepted now. Your help was invaluable.

Vending Machine

This is not for anything, I just did it to improve on my skills. Personally I don't like the shadow beneath it, any help on that would be appreciated. All feedback is welcome.

Typographic Poster

I created this poster some time ago but now I plan on selling it online, but before I do so I was hoping for a little advice on how I can improve it. I have no problems with it, I just think it might need something extra. All feedback is welcome.

Website Design

This is a website design I've done for a personal project. All feedback is welcome. (It's still a work in progress).


Hi, It's been a long time since I've posted anything. Here is a coin I've created for an icon set (big thanks to Yanlu - http://bit.ly/RGC7GU for letting me use his background for this preview) . All feedback is welcome.


This is just a little project I've been working on to improve my photoshop skills. Does anybody have any tips on how to make it better? Thanks

Sweet (logo)

Just a logo I created for fun. I don't think I will do anything with it (at the moment). The logo represents a sweet honeycomb. All feedback is welcome.