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James Griffin

BrideasaButton.com Work In Progress

Concept 1: All input and guidance much appreciated

New logo for a wedding boutique

Here are some logo ideas for a wedding boutique that specialise in ornate bouquets, made entirely from decorative buttons. As always any feedback much appreciated

Prototype.so Logo Ideas

Any feedback on this new site logo much appreciated

Current Logo Design - Update

Here is an update of my latest design, taking into account some of the feedback, toned down the gradients and have an alternative version with no gradients. Please let me know your thoughts.

Jimbola.com - The iPhone 4 Version

Currently working on mobile versions for Jimbola.com

The all new Jimbola.com

Introducing the all new jimbola.com

New Twitter background

New twitter background just updated (@jimbola) - Take a look and tell me what you think!

Things I see character

Two characters in one day!