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Dennis Betman

Jewelbeast logo.

We tried to make a logo and visual identity for our company Jewelbeast. We cant tell you what the story is behind Jewelbeast, we just came with name and we all liked it. In the name we got 2 things Jewel and Beast. So we tried to give the logo a jewel with a beast effect in it.. We hope you like it. Please comment if you have ideas to improve it.

Posts of Games.

I'm currently working on a project were people can share builds, video's, images and more with other people. What you see is. Post 1-3 = Minecraft / 4-6 = Diablo 3 / 7-9 = League of Legends / 10-12 = Smite/

Instagram in CSS

I tried to make Instagram in CSS. I think it looks good. But there may be a few bugs in it. http://www.den4you.nl/testhtml/

Jewelbeast.com - Minecraft

I am working on a website for minecrafters. People can upload ther projects, skins, servers and more. Like planetminecraft.com but than with more things. If you ask why dont you make it in the style of minecraft. Thats because i want to do something different than other people :) . What you see now is just the homepage. Its not 100% done. Please tell me what you think about it. Thanks :)

Login system for Jewelbeast

I am working on a login system for jewelbeast.com. jewelbeast is a website for minecrafters. People can upload and earn archievments on the website. ( minecraft is a game, for people who dont know what minecraft is. )

School Street Battle logo

We got a new school project. The project is now Street battle. Every group gets a street in Utrecht. And we have to make a logo for it. My group and i have Willemstraat. (Willemstreet) This is what we made for it. Hope you like it. Or any ideas? Just give me feedback. Thanks.

App Design

We have to make a new school projectl. The project is to make a app for homeless childeren. Now i know the most homeless schilderen dont have a telephone (I think). But it is a project for school so i have to make it. My group and i decided to make a food and drink app.

Logo's for a school project

We are currently in school working with real customers. So we had to make our own business. We decided to call ourselves Neptune. This are the logo's that i made.