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Jaylin Orosco


Instagram: Innovation is Better than Copying

I'm pretty tiffed by Instagram adding video in it's latest update. It's obviously in retaliation to Vine's booming popularity–especially so quickly. In my own network, I've noticed a lot of people using Vine rather than Instagram. I've also noticed Snapchat added video after the reaction to Vine's popularity. What they should've done was just focus on their product, and improve the PHOTO TAKING/SHARING app everyone has come to love. Filtered versions of Vine's production is not going to boost user count. There is so much the app could be improved on. The Experience Right now, the app works alright, but why not make the stream full width and seamless? Vine's already a step ahead with that, if you've noticed their teased redesign on Vine's own profile. Making the photos full width, and back to back, would make the app more immersive. Custom Filters I'm waiting for the day, Instagram adds custom filters. I would love to edit the amounts of the vignette, contrast, saturation, and all the other adjustments. Even allowing us to edit the 'strength' of their current filters would be nice. As a nod to Facebook and their stock holders, they could even add a filter market for users to purchase filters. Selective Depth of Field Only time you can use their DoF action, is either when you wanna make your photo look extremely amateur, or if you have a perfect circular or linear photo. I would love to use my finger to select the areas I wanna focus on (rather than select what I want blurred; never works right). A Redesign? This could go with the experience above, but I just wanted to note that Instagram still feels like an iOS app from last year. So far, they've only added 'new coats of paint to the walls' anytime they redesign. Now that iOS is going in a flatter direction, and Android already has a flat aesthetic, they could get on the bandwagon already and get rid of the matte gradients. Also, speaking on Android, their Android app, is just an iOS app with no disguise. They still have a 4/5 tabbed bar at the bottom. There are no signs of Holo anywhere, besides the action menu in the top bar–in the profile tab. Get with the program. New Territory?! Windows Phone and Blackberry 10. There is little to no competition in both OS's. And if they made a version for WP or BB10, they would be instant hits and #1's in the top free app categories. But apparently they are too big [because I doubt it's cost] to do that at this moment, but eventually they will have to branch out to stay relevant and compete with Vine. Although, I don't think they should be competing. I find them to be 2 different categories. Photo editing and Video making (no matter how short); 2 different categories. I guess if you broaden the spectrum, they're both visual social networks, but still. Instead of looking to their sides and trying to match up, they should be looking to the sky to improve their core experience. Last Thoughts I'm a big user of Instagram, both as a socialite who likes to document exciting/interesting moments in my life, and as an amateur photographer who likes to showcase DSLR and mobile photography. I'm going to continue using it like that. As for video posts, I can definitely see myself wanting to record short videos (my god-daughter laughing, someone doing a cool trick at the skatepark, showcasing a teaser for a beat I'm working on, etc). I'm a new user on Vine, and to be honest, I'm not good at it. I don't like the current experience of capturing a video on Vine. Tapping on the view of my video? No. Having to exit out of the capture mode to remake the video? No. Compared to Insta's, Vine's is shit. Anyways, my main usage of Insta will remain for showcasing photos and maybe some videos. It's not like I can make them remove the feature, so I just have to embrace it or not and move one. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Tweet me @itsjaylin or comment below!

Barter Match App

This is a fictional Android app I'm making for my design concepts class (That's why I'm using an icon I made months ago). It's supposed to be a Craigslist alternative for selling/buying/trading goods. It's supposed to have a social/sharing aspect to it, and mine is authentication. The difference between Craigslist and my app is the security. Because your have a profile that's verified with a social network, you know you're dealing with a real person and not just a spam bot. I kind of want to make it too.. I used to like HipSwap (another selling alternative that found items in your location using gps) but now HS something else and the app is defunct. Now I'm back to using Craigslist and Facebook Selling/Trading/Buying Groups. MAYBE! Get at me!

Spring Portfolio Redesign [WIP]

Earlier I posted a shot on Dribbble that was crop out of the design I'm working on for my portfolio. I'm currently designing the desktop size and smartphone size at the same time. After I'm done, I'll design for tablets in mind and try and find some kind of middle ground.

Engadget Website Deconstruction

"Great web design happens with sound user needs, solid business goals and focused metrics. Learning how to deconstruct a website is an important step in building a plan that aligns the company vision with the needs of users. A good review will put the focus on the profitability of the business." –Zurb, on Smashing Magazine

User Interface Project: Swap.

This is a design comp I'm working on for my user interface class. Our app is a cataloging app for students. I also incorporated a selling aspect to it. And that's a time scroller on the right in the left screen, for scrolling to a time when you last edited items in your inventory. One thing I'm not sure about is the social colors I used to connect with other people.. Is it too much? Should I have one unified button? So this is where I'm headed after the wireframes I posted the other day. Tell me what you think?

Personal Catalog App Wireframes

So for my interface design class, we're working on a hypothetical app for college students, which helps them catalog their belongings (laptop, usb drives, phones, etc.). You can also list your items as lost or for sale and those marked items will be searchable so that other users can buy your for sale items or return lost your items. You also get a profile mainly used for getting in touch with the user about their lost item or if they have an inquiry about an item for sale. Screens: 1 - Inventory 2 - Profile 3 - View for sale items via the profile 4 - Grid view of search results 5 - Product info


How does Forrst know what's a Question anymore?

Since the new posting system rolled out, I've been wondering, how does Forrst know which posts are questions.. As for links, snaps, and code posts, I'm assuming if a post has any of those things, it's automatically put in that categroy.. But what about questions?? cc @forrst


What's the Demographic for My Website Portfolio

For my final in Web Design I, we have to build a full website, and I'm redesigning my portfolio. One of the questions for our case study is to figure out what the demographic is for our site. But what exactly does that even mean? Any help is appreciated!