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Jen Glazer

3 - geometric wallpaper

Patterns generated at: http://wagerfield.github.io/flat-surface-shader/

RENT Wallpaper - practice

I'm trying to do a tutorial at least once a week for practice. I found this one: psdvault.com/text-effects/create-a-grungy-style-text-effect-inspired-by-infamous-2-game-in-photoshop/ not a hard one - but a really nice looking one - so I did it, using the musical RENT as the subject.

iPhone Wallpaper - Start Something...

the first iPhone Wallpaper i made because i got bored of my old one... edit: i attached another version of this wallpaper to this post - for those who would like to have the wording centered, because of the iPhone lockscreen.

Navigation Bar

a apple'ish navigation bar i made. I don't want to copy apple's design or anything, i just like the bold-look of the navigation bar and thought I try doing it myself. I just added some grain texture to it - I'm not a big fan of glossy-looks, though i think it looks really cool sometimes ;) tell me what you think of it, could i improve something maybe?


another idea for a vintage TRON poster ;)


something i did 5 minutes ago ;) i really like vintage/old styles and I love the movie so i thought a poster would be kinda cool :) for some of you how don't know: those weird glowing circles are a "Identity Disc". Watch the movie!


Just a poster i made out of boredom... I love the Movie and I need a new Poster for my Wall so I made it. Credit for the mask and the Logo don't belong to me i just downloaded them here: brandsoftheworld.com/search/logo/… Didn't had the time to do them myself but i'll definetely try someday :)

..another design idea for my little website...

..i had, Of course not the logo itself but I kinda like those watercolor styles a lot!!