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Work in progress, new theme slowly rolling out.

Hello everyone, I'm sharing here screen of my next WordPress theme. This is grid based theme with left fixed sidebar. This sidebar will always contain navigation menu, below that can be placed widgets. This is screenshot of blog section, there are two more: portfolio and gallery. There is home template that display all three: posts, projects and images. I'm looking for general feedback. Feedback, thoughts and ideas for improvement. I work alone and that why I would like look from the outside. For now i look just for design feedback, later on with online demo i will post again.


WordPress Theme, looking for feedback

Main problem is design so if anyone have idea how to improve it feel free to share it! :)


I have done today work my first WordPress theme. Say what You think! :) I'm pretty satisfied and i have really enough of looking at every pixel of this :P You can see it live here: wpdemo.netii.net/wordpress-1/

Minimalist Social Button Pack

Big pack of social buttons, i've created this long time ago. Is there any social network that You would like to see in this? Featured on graphicriver.