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Ed Heltzel  Pro

Rebrand is underway

At the turn of year my business partner and I decided it was time to really update our brand. We wanted to focus on both an icon and typography that could be used independent of each other. I'm a fan of retro/vintage feeling logos from the late 60s thru the early 80s (think of the movie Tron). We also tried to keep the font face clean and tie in elements from the icon to the typography. The drop also dubs as a "d" to bring in the Rainy Day. Below are the old and new *3rd image is the Update from all the suggestions in the comments*

100 Likes on Facebook

We hit or posted a milestone on our timeline and threw this lovely drop together in about 5 minutes.

Client Web Design Comp

UPDATE Client actually chose this design :) This is an unused design comp for a local company here in Southwest Ohio. It's a little edge for the client.

New iOS project

This is an iOS app design I've been working on... Had to blur the client's name. This design wasn't my first choice or the prettiest of the bunch but they're happy, so I'm happy.

A Geo Locator Tool

I've been diddling with the Google Map API a lot lately... Seems more and more clients want custom maps to do things from listing all the stores in a zip code where to buy their products or to list out all the buildings on their campus. So this is a Lat/Long app that give you the coordinates of any address or any position you have on the cross hairs.

New Site design for a .NET web app.

New design concept (No.2) for a client. Project consist of updating the design and providing the CSS3. thoughts

Sketch 4

This is 4 of 4 of a few sketches I've been working on... Another emotional expression. This was supposed to be a self portrait, but quickly turned into... that.

Sketch 3

This is 3 of 4 of a few sketches I've been working on... Ever get stressed? Unfortunately, I'm stress all the damn time...stress is the whole idea behind this piece. We've all been there, putting on a happy face but really wanting to scream. Not a Photorealism piece