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David Alexander Slaager

Website mock-up for a map company

Here is a first draft of a website designed for a map company. Interested to get peoples initial thoughts. The key messages this site needs to get across in it's branding our 'Exploration & Discovery' and 'There's more to your world than you think.' The exploration aspect will be achieved largely through navigation and the structure. Any questions on how it currently stands please feel free to fire me some questions. Thanks for the feedback in advance.

Dimension Two Longboards

Hey, look what i did over the winter :)) https://www.dimension-two.com

Sunday Themes

My main focus in 2013 will be http://sundaythemes.co

GUI Menu

Hi! Friends today i have come up with a GUI menu freebie. It's a clean and cooperative idea for GUI menus. You can edit or change it according to your need.Download from here :http://www.freebiesbucket.com/gui-menu/

Creative Market Grand Opening!

Hey guys, really excited to show you [Creative Market](http://creativemarket.com?utm_source=forrst&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=launch), our new marketplace to buy and sell top design content (like graphics, templates, fonts, etc) direct from the creators. We've really tried to take a different approach from traditional design marketplace sites, and we're putting a lot of focus on the creators themselves, rather than just spitting out a bunch of "stock" content. [What do you think of the site so far?](http://creativemarket.com?utm_source=forrst&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=launch) Would love your feedback. And let us know if you want to [open a shop](http://creativemarket.com/sell?utm_source=forrst&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=launch)!

Jack of all trades, Master of some. – Promotional Poster Printed

I posted a promotional poster a week or so back, well the final printed posters turned up today. Original post: forrst.com/posts/…

Personal portfolio site

Just launched my freshly redesigned portfolio site. stewartknapman.com I am targeting graphic and web design studios in Nelson NZ specifically, in the hopes of getting a new job. I will also be sending a couple a limited edition screen printed posters to spark their interest. forrst.com/posts/…

Metro Music UI: Account View

Edited: Improved the look and feel of the stats data - increased whitespace, cleaned up alignment and modified graph Okay I'm struggling on this one a bit. I don't know the best way to represent the data in the tables/graphs. Hoping I've done a good job of showing stats and having it spaced out enough for the user to not get confused or overloaded with information. The line graph is based highly off Google Analytics' graph, but the colours and scheme matched and fit in nicely with the design so I thought I'd recreate it. Do you think there is too much data on the top, not enough or the wrong info there and should be different info at the top? Would love for some feedback again - this is one of the last pieces I do before releasing the set.