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David Alexander Slaager

Fonts of Chaos collection.

Some of my last font I made for fontsofchaos.com

TRAUM-A font presentation

Hello, i just upload my last works for FontsofChaos. The name is TRAUM-A and it's a big fat bold font. Hope you like. The full project is available here : http://fontsofchaos.com/font-Trauma.html

Enfant du Kult - font

Hello folks. Here my last project "Enfant du Kult" full showcase. This is my last font with variation between uppercase and lowercase + symbols in 3 wieghts. Hope you like. More info available here www.fontsofchaos.com Cheers ;)


Hi Forrst people. I would you like to introduce you my new side project : www.museum9.com. But what exactly it is ? The technique is quite old, probably dating from the 19th century or even before. Someone call this scan animation. It's a visual effects moving static image only by moving grid. For MUSEUM9, I adapted the technique to vertical scrolling, other scan animations are all horizontal. Hope you like.

1654 Brown Street - fonts

Hi, I just upload my new font 1654 Brown Street. From the street to our computer in only one step ;) I take my inspiration from the street typography. Brown Street is nowhere and everywhere in the same times. Hope you like. The font is available on Creative Market (https://creativemarket.com/davidiscreative/1406-1654-Brown-Street-Fonts) or the full project on www.handdrawnfont.com Cheers.

Discorgasmique - Deep

First artwork made for the new type Discorgasmique. Font available on www.fontsofchaos.com

Discorgasmique - Font

Hi everybody, i'm working a lot on my new font Discorgasmique. Hope you like this ;) More information and download www.fontsofchaos.com Cheers.

Hand Drawn Font - Website

Hello folks. I am very happy because today I posted my new website and it is called "Hand Drawn Font". Like the name say this only a collection of Hand Drawn Font made by the "Fonts of Chaos crew". You can find free and pay font (low-cost price). Hope you like ;) The url is http://www.handdrawnfont.com