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Daniel Post


WordPress Framework

Hey guys, I'm currently working on a free WordPress theme that can be used both as a simple WordPress blogging theme and as a framework to develop your own themes. It will contain very minimal design and all core WordPress functionalities. I'm looking for feedback that will help me to better understand what people would like to see in a theme like this: - What functionalities would you like to see (or not) in this theme? - How much design do you think a theme like this needs? More or less? All feedback is appreciated. The current design is still a very early concept (all content is copyright their respective authors). Thanks!

Mac Dev needed!

So I designed this mini Twitter for OSX, and people seem to want it developed. That's why I'm currently looking for a mac developer who's willing to get his hands dirty. If you're able to code this, please get in touch! You can also find it on Dribbble: dribbble.com/shots/…

Dark buttons

Just playing around with some big dark buttons. I'm not sure about them yet, feel like they still need something. What do you think?

Working vinyl turntable

So, here it is. A little experiment by Patrick Zach (der_zach on Forrst) and me. A fully functional vinyl turntable, made using HTML5 and jQuery. Took us a few hours, but I think one can say the result is pretty good. Currently it only plays one song, but we are planning on adding a song switcher and a volume changer. dahndesigns.net/vinyl/ Works best in Chrome and Firefox, Safari has some problems. So, what do you think?


Just some buttons. Ultra clean and minimalistic, 'cause that's how I roll. Any suggestions for improvements?

Vinyl 2.0

Improved the label, made a better shadow and added some variations. Guess it's pretty much finished now. If anyone's interested in the PSD just tell me. Inspired by this awesome piece of work: dribbble.com/shots/…


Created my first vinyl ever. Think it turned out pretty well. What do you think? Anything I could improve?

Modal windows

Just a little something I threw together. Considering going with this minimalistic style for my next theme design. Yes or no?