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Craig Snedeker

How to vertically and horizontally center text, simple, quick CSS code.

I gathered this from this webpage. Mostly posting for personal reference but hope that others will find it useful. ------------------------------ _The following example shows you how to vertically and horizontally center text in both an unordered list and a div without resorting to JavaScript or css line heights. No matter how much text you have you won't have to apply any special classes to specific lists or divs (the code is the same for each). This works on all major browsers including IE9, IE8, IE7, IE6, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. There are 2 special stylesheets (1 for IE7 and another for IE6) to help them along due to their css limitations which modern browsers don't have._ # [View webpage](http://www.andy-howard.com/verticalAndHorizontalAlignment/index.html)

How to get these borders?

How can I make these borders so they are centered to the text?

Critique on Tumblr theme

Edit #2: I altered the wood a little, slightly boosting saturation and changed the hue. I also made this theme: Edit: I changed the color to something more vibrant.

Making changes to the FightSlavery theme.

Compared to the current fightslavery.info layout, do you think these changes are an improvement? .1 I plan on changing the typography of the navigation links, I simply copy and pasted that for the time being, and the font of the sidebar headings shall also be changed once I re-code it. I plan on using only two fonts, Arial and Georiga. .2 Fade on "currently selected navigation link", is that good or bad? I honestly can't decide. .3 Do you think all the theme elements go well together? The wood/paper/etc? Thanks! Edit #1: Replaced the image with a updated version which has a smaller navigation and other smaller changes throughout. #Edit #2 Replaced Georiga with IM Fell English and did other changes based on feedback I got.


Make text auto-resize based on content area?

I'm looking for a way to make text automatically resize depending on the content box size. Can it be done through CSS?

Critique on new Tumblr theme

My aim is for ThemeForest. I'd like some critique on this one, I still have some features to add but I want to make it better.


Critique needed

I'm working on a Tumblr theme (hopefully to sell?) and I need a lot of critique. It's not as good as it could be, please review it. Thanks!

FightSlavery Redesign 3

Hey guys, back with another redesign for FightSlavery.info. I was not happy with the previous design, the content needed work and the typography was horrible. This is a Tumblr theme and the Facebook like-box is a placeholder. I'm unsure about the background color, I have several options I am currently trying to pick from. I would like some constructive criticism. Current layout: http://fightslavery.info