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Cole Townsend


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I've been without a laptop for a week. As a student, it really bites. I have a lot of papers to write, and I hate using Word. Ecrit.es was my solution. It is a minimal text editor that uses local storage (don't worry about saving) and can export your writings as a markdown file. While I don't see this as something that will replace iA Writer for me yet, I have no doubt that it will in the future. I'd love some help with the scroll bar. I don't want it to be too big, nor do I want it too small. Also, I would love to make it disappear while writing. For the curious: the name originates from the French word for "writings."

Vined.co Lander

Introducing Vined.co These are a few potential landers for the website Vined.co. As it stands, it's a little busy and isn't as welcoming for those that are not familiar with the iphone app, Vine. I've added a mini about section off-screen. The Real Issue I'm currently stuck on the popular links. They are helpful for everyone, but between those links and the twitter icon that currently stands, it seems busy. I also have a coded demo up to give a feel for what it should look like in browser.

Twitter App Expansion

I've revised and added to my Twitter app interface. For background, this is an exercise just to practice my UI design skills as well as to become more comfortable with Photoshop. I've been working more frequently in CSS and Illustrator, so I am not as familiar with the PS interface. Disclaimer: the close/minimize/maximize buttons aren't supposed to be OSX realistic, they are more placeholders. I'm really focusing on the Twitter app itself. Refinement for those will come last.

Beer Label (WAYWO)

What I'm Working On: Currently making a beer label for a friend. He really liked the lockup style and wanted the logo itself to contain his initials. Once I proposed this idea, he was really pumped. Tips are encouraged, this was only my second time working with hand draw things in illustrator and I want to improve future designs. Edit: updated to address spacing issue.

Twitter App Design

Currently working on the interface for a Twitter app. Not sure anything will come of it. Wanted something clean that didn't obscure the text. Below I have two different iterations. I'd love feedback letting me know on which side you prefer the avatars. Hope you like it! Edit: OP delivers. Posted an update with a few revisions as well as a peak into how the meta menu would appear.

Spotify Icon Redesign

I'm not a huge fan of the beveled iOS spotify icon, and I don't think it really matches the desktop version very well. Here, I simplified the icon and made it two colors instead. Hope you like it!

Pure CSS Tweet Composer

This week I chose to convert my tweet composer to CSS. Everything is in CSS bar the close icon. Unfortunately I haven't added a tweet counter yet like in my original but that is currently in the works. One feature I do really want to add would be an actual functioning tweet box, but that requires a bit more back end leg work to jump through all the OAuth hoops. Edit: Fixed a problem where my positioning hadn't saved. The icons should all be centered and whatnot now.