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Chanelle Henry


Developer/Designer Relationship - how to marry the two?

As a UX Architect (and UI Designer), I work with a lot of developers to create mobile applications and websites. Knowing everyone is different, how do you best deliver your design to the developer to ensure pixel perfect designs? I have created different branding and design guides (and can share at request), but I keep running into walls when it comes to the "that doesn't look like ANYTHING I designed" issues. What are ways that you make sure what you design is what is developed? What do you look for in design files (to the developers)?

Rescue By Design: United For Sandy

Hey Fellow Forrsters!! My name is Chanelle Henry, Founder of CHD Collective (an interactive agency), and I am writing here to be apart of the initiative to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. As you know, Hurricane Sandy did a ton of damage in the NYC/NJ/CT area. We still need help with donations, good wishes, and the spreading of love. Last week, one of our contractors, Felipe Edoardo (http://edoardo.me/) thought of an idea of putting together a little initiative with few fellow designers called Rescue by Design - United for Sandy (www.unitedforsandy.org). We developed a plan to set aside half of our freelance/contract/consultant payments in the period from Nov. 15 to Dec. 15 (can be flex if necessary) and give that amount as a tax-deductible donation to the Red Cross towards Sandy relief. We wanted your help. Perhaps you can put an ad on your site and encourage designers (and developers, photographers, etc...) to be apart of the initiative, or perhaps you would like to donate a portion of your profits to the effort. Whatever it is, we'd like for you to be apart see to try to help out with the initiative. Please go to www.unitedforsandy.com, and you can sign up at the bottom to be apart or to ask any questions or share any ideas, tips or better ways to spread the word would be deeply appreciated. Thank you so much, and we look forward to your contribution!

CHD Collective Redesign

I am redesigning CHD Collective because the current site up is pretty confusing. It's a theme also, so I wanted to start from scratch to really show our talents and our creative abilities and thoughts. I wanted to know your thoughts at first glance. I still have a lot to finish (which projects are going to be featured, each section and how it's going to look), but just wanted to get the Forrst community's opinion!

Planet Fitness Exploratory Concept

I always have ideas for apps for big companies out there, and especially with the emphasis and recognition for the importance of a beautifully designed application, I thought about a redesign for Planet Fitness. I just wanted to send over some of my ideas, so this isn't finished. It's the first time I actually emailed a company for an invitation to pitch. I hope they write back!

Help choosing logo design.

I am changing from a freelancer to a "design collective" and need to upgrade my logo. Which one do you like out the group? And if possible share your reasonings why it's cool or why it sucks.


What programming technology is powering this site and why doesn't it work on iOS?

The website in question is this: sullivannyc.com It's so beautiful, and being a designer that's learning code, I am not sure where to begin to look up how this site functions with the animated scroll. I also wasn't sure why it doesn't work on mobile. I was told this is jquery and wasn't sure of the limitations that it has on the mobile platform.

Personal Identity

Working on a personal identity. I was going to use it for my agency, but I realized that it only represented one person rather than a company, so now I'm trying to figure out what to do with it....

What iOS element is this?

I don't know the official name for this button that is used often in iOS. I thought it was called the multi-select button, but I don't think it is. Does anyone know what it is called and have the reference? Thanks!!